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    What is the difference between a CARW, CMRW, and a CRS?

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    Let’s start with unraveling the acronyms:

    CMRW = Certified Master Resume Writer

    CARW = Certified Advanced Resume Writer

    CRS = Certified Resume Specialist

    Each of these levels stands apart from the uncertified (untested) resume writer as well as those who may be certified from other organizations that don’t have continuing education requirements or quite the lofty standards for excellence that are held by CDI.

    Now for what makes them different from each other: 

    CARW SealCARW – If a resume writer is ‘advanced’, they are far ahead of most of the industry resume writers. They have jumped through hoops for CDI’s certification team in resume and cover letter writing on two projects. They have also demonstrated through this testing solid knowledge of grammar, punctuation, layout, design, branding, keywords, handling challenging employment scenarios, and overall resume 101.

    CRSCRS – If a resume writer is a specialist in a particular profession, they can submit a portfolio of resume samples for that industry which demonstrates their expertise. To earn one of the CRS certifications, he/she must meet CDI’s high level of standards for grammar, punctuation, layout, design, branding, keywords, and effective presentation of job seeker content.

    CDI currently has 15 different CRS credentials in areas such as IT, public relations, HR, health care, and education.

    CMRWCMRW – This elite group of resume writers have previously earned a resume certification, such as CDI’s CARW, and thus jumped through all the hoops to prove their quality and talent. To earn this most prestigious credential they must submit a portfolio of seven different resumes for review by the certification team. These individuals are held to the highest of expectations in all areas of resume preparation. To attain this level of certification, the writer must be the crème de la crème.

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