Certified Master Resume Writers (CMRW) & CMRW Executive Editors

CMRWCertified Master Resume Writer-Executive EditorThese individuals are the most elite resume writers in the world. To date there are only 43 recognized CMRWs in the world*.

A select few of these individuals no longer directly write resumes for job seekers and have transitioned to the Certified Master Resume Writer + Executive Editor credential wherein they coach and train the resume writers who work under them with job seekers. These will be listed in bold.

These talented professionals include, in alphabetical order thus not by any preference:

Amy L. Adler – Five Strengths Career Transition Experts

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter – Career Trend

Karen Bartell – Best-In-Class Resumes

Bridget Batson – Houston Outplacement Resume Writing and Career Counseling

Laurie Berenson – Sterling Career Concepts, LLC

Brenda Bernstein – The Essay Expert LLCCMRW+EE and CMRW

Mary Elizabeth Bradford – MaryElizabethBradford.com – CMRW+EE and CMRW

Skye Berry-Burke – Skye is the Limit Resume & Career Solutions

Maria Caraballo – Career Branding Inc

Camille Carboneau Roberts – CC Career Services

Marguerite Claxton – The Career Company

Yvonnea Close

Tiffany Cruz – Power Writers USA

Darlene Dassy – Dynamic Résumé Solutions

Laura DeCarlo – Career Directors International

Ken Docherty – Docherty Career Management

Patricia Duckers – CareerPro Global Inc.

Mandy Fard – Market-Connections Professional Resume Services

Kalindi Garvin – Career Communication Strategies

Susan Guarneri – Susan Guarneri Associates

Gayle Howard – Top Margin Career Marketing

Gillian Kelly – Outplacement Australia / Career Edge

Erin Kennedy – Professional Resume Services

Kevin Morris – CareerMobile

Scott Nichols – Advanced Method Resumes & Career Services

John O’Connor – Career Pro Inc.

Alan Plath – Advanced Write Resumes

Barb Poole – Hire Imaging, LLC

Annette Richmond – career-intelligence Resume Writing & Career Services

Freddie Rohner – iHire, LLC

Eve Ruth – Compelling Resumes

Barbara Safani – Career Solvers

Robin Schlinger – Robin’s Resumes®

Sam Sherif – Edmonton Resume Services

Tammy Shoup – Breakthrough Resume Writing Service

Cheryl L. Simpson – Executive Resume Rescue

Carolyn Smith – CarolynSmith.com.au


Christine Tutor – CareerStep Resumes

Rosa Vargas – Career Steering

Julie Walraven – Design Resumes

Carolyn Whitfield – Total Resumes

Sharon Williams – JobRockit

Natalie Winzer – iHire, LLC

* Others claiming the CMRW may have forfeited their right to the credential due to not maintaining continuing education requirements. Or, they may simply be falsely claiming the credential. Do note that the list will change as new members earn the credential, so it is always a good idea to search again using CDI’s Find a Career Professional database.

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Hiring a resume writer: A resume writing certification is just one of the criteria you should consider when selecting the resume writer who is the best match for you. We recommend you take a few moments to learn more about selecting a company at CDI’s How to Select a Career Service Provider page.

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