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    New Business Profit Rocket Individualized Consulting Program

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    Carefree woman is stress free and holds her arms out for freedom and peace of mind.

    Ready to bust through barriers, increase your profits, and get more time freedom in your business? Well, now you can!

    Three spots open for August with special limited time launch pricing…

    CDI is excited to announce that now there is a new one-on-one coaching and consulting program that is your path to helping you gain big results, profits, and peace of mind with your business, faster than you would expect.

    Our business success coach and President, Laura DeCarlo, has just retooled her highly results-driven consulting program into the more powerful, juicy 3-month Career Business Profit Rocket system.

    Do any of these sound like you? 


    Going crazy with the hills and valleys in your business? 

    Working too hard and still struggling to get by?

    Starting a business and drowning in overwhelm?

    Ready to break through that persistent barrier that keeps holding you back? 

    Sure there has to be more out there for you?

    If you’ve been struggling, stranded, stuck, or stifled, you can now get your traction, move past those challenges, and rediscover what you started this business for — a passion for helping others while making an incredible living with the ‘promised’ freedom that is supposed to go along with self-employment!

    Let’s be clear, you can be making six figures and still be stuck. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you stand in the middle of it – working – day after day after day….

    Laura has been there and knows how to guide enterprising resume writers and career coaches through the maze — whether starting out with little-to-no budget or wrestling the overwhelming ‘big business monster’ under control and learning how to monetize when it looks like you’ve hit a dead end.

    This is not another one-size-fits all training program but a powerful one-on-one targeted consulting service to help you reach your goals now.

    Career Business Profit Rocket can be your ticket to business freedom and peace of mind!

    Wondering if it could work for you?

    Here’s one of our many favorite success stories:

    I JUST sold another VIP package. So – you helped me increase my prices by 1/3 and for other packages 100% respectively.

    I recouped my coaching investment with you within the first week of raising my prices, we are now ahead of schedule for our annual financial goals (and it is only Jan 9th!) and these changes will empower me with more free time to create more information products for my business.

    Thank you!!! I could not have figured this out as easily or as quickly without your help, and that’s the truth.

    15-month update:

    Last year, thanks to you, we had a 30% increase in revenue and a 30% decrease in clients. I look at the client decrease as a very good thing – it gives me room to strategically grow while we make more and spend more energy on our deserving clients.

    Additionally, I did go ahead with your idea to bring a service in house last year that had previously been outsourced. We dramatically increased the quality of the results we were achieving for our clients and we captured about another $7K in revenue.

    – Mary Elizabeth Bradford, MaryElizabethBradford.com

    Ready for More Success? Just three spots open for August plus special launch pricing.

    If you are someone who is ready for bigger wins and more satisfaction with your career industry business, then this opportunity is the one for you.

    There are currently just three openings to get started in the month of August plus a special launch price, which will end in the next few days! To learn more visit the Career Business Profit Rocket web page.

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