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Our next event:

CDI's SEO Content Strategy Webinar with Guest Jim Cooper of Embassy Desk SEOSEO Content Strategy

Guest Presenter: Jim Cooper of Embassy Desk SEO

Attend Live: Wed, 6/01/2022 at 12 PM Eastern on Zoom

Cost: Free to CDI members

Recorded: Yes

Registration: Yes, Link TBA

Submit Questions: Yes, submit here by Thurs, 5/19/2022

About the webinar: So far we’ve learned about SEO and provided a campaign roadmap in our first two live webinars. In this third event you will be learning all about the ins and outs of creating an effective strategy. Topics include:

I. Introduction

  1. What Is SEO Strategy?
  2. The Importance of Mobile Strategy
  3. SEO Content – A Bird’s Eye View

II. Skyscraper Technique

  1. What Is Skyscraper Technique?
  2. Benefits of Skyscraper Technique

III. SEO Keyword Research

  1. Anatomy of a Keyword
  2. Keyword Types
  3. User Intent
  4. Keyword Placement
  5. Common Keyword Myths

IV. Tags

  1. Meta Tags
  2. Alt Text

V. Blog Calendar

  1. Content Formats
  2. Content Checklist
  3. Cluster Content
  4. Images

VI. Content Promotion

  1. Link Building Stats
  2. “White Hat” Link Building Tactics

It’s a very good idea to watch the first two webinar recording in this series to gain a foundation – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101 and SEO Campaign Roadmap.

Submitting Questions: 

While there will be time reserved for questions at the end, you do have a chance to submit any advance questions around SEO Content Strategy to help us gauge your needs and adapt to meet them.

If there is anything about SEO content strategy you are hoping to learn, please complete the following form.

Deadline to submit is Thursday, 5/25/2022.

Submit questions here >> 

About Jim:

Jim Cooper headshotCDI was first introduced to Jim Cooper in 2015 by the former COO of Ali Brown International, who was consulting with us. As Jim was SEO/SEM magic behind the 7-figure Ali Brown business coaching brand, it was easy for us to get excited. We’ve been lucky to do business with Jim, and refer several member career pros his way, ever since.

Jim runs Embassy Desk SEO. As Station Chief he has been working in SEO since 2001, before “SEO” was a buzzword. Truly his love with tech goes back as far as 1997 with his graduate studies in technology and new media at California Institute of the Arts.

He has worked across a variety of industries, including executive compensation consulting, nonprofit associations, higher education + university sites, enterprise-level eCommerce, high-end retail, career services, and much more. He is highly adept with B2B and B2C clients.

Additionally, he has assembled a crack squad of operatives for Embassy Desk which includes world-class designers, vetted expert content creators, junior SEO/SEM specialists, data analysts, and web developers to assist companies in their missions.

Jim says, “SEO is not a magic bullet and will not solve all of your problems. But with enough time + watering and nurturing, it can become the backbone of your company’s lead generation, with a terrific ROI.”

Future Repeating (Date TBA)

Build a 6-Figure-Plus Resume Writing and Career Coaching Business

Build a 6-figure-plus resume writing and career coaching businessHow to build a 6-figure-plus resume writing and career coaching business is one of the topics that always comes up when I ask resume writers and career coaches what their challenges or goals are.

Everyone either wants to know how to hit that $100K mark aka ‘make six figures’ or once past it, they want to know how to maximize their free time and earn more while working less. 

That’s where CDI comes in and why we’re excited to announce this upcoming live event!

CDI has spent the past 20 years putting the sizzle of 6-figure-plus success into the businesses of self-employed resume writers and career coaches. (One of my private clients closed out 2019 at over $800K in revenue).

However, in your busy day-to-day life it can be easy not to tap into the wealth of resources that are available within CDI to help you with issues such as:

Handling pricing inquiries to get consultation appointments.

Creating robust packages that attract sales.

Establishing a la carte pricing as a foil for your package ROI.

Designing engaging websites, copy, and offers.

Utilizing a repeatable consult process that closes 4-figure sales without being salesy. (One member said it was like she was giving away gold, her client couldn’t get his credit card out fast enough).

Leveraging client and opt-in prospect lists.

Attaining high levels of business referrals.

Making it rain when business is in a temporary valley.

Building referral relationships and partnerships with colleagues.

Creating and launching profitable courses, products, and programs.

Turning around clients who need to think about it.

Using video, blogging, LinkedIn, and even Instagram to grow your following, reputation, and clients.

In CDI, there’s always a “Resource for that”, whatever your “that” may be!

Join me, CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, for this event to get answers to your pressing business strategy questions and learn easy strategies to build a 6-figure-plus resume writing and career coaching business!

For this event, no topics will be pre-planned. I’ll be sharing my screen and answering participant questions.

If questions aren’t asked, I’ll provide strategy around the topics I receive the most questions about in my 1-1 and group coaching programs. Participants will receive:

  • My proven expertise, coaching, and strategy on requested topics.
  • Interaction, engagement, and feedback from fellow members who may have additional insight on the question(s).
  • Direction to supporting deep-dive member resources.

About Your Coach:

Laura DeCarloI’m Laura DeCarlo, CDI’s founder, President, and 6-figure-plus success coach.

I can tell you that I’ve been wherever you find yourself today.

Over 25 years ago when I was getting started as a resume writer and career services provider, I was terrified when the phone would ring. That meant there was someone on the other end of the line who wanted to know, “What does it cost?” If that alone had me in a cold sweat, how was I ever going to make this entrepreneur business work?

I badly wanted to succeed and was driven to figure out a formula.

I struggled in those first two years and then began to develop and adopt processes that let me soar past the $100K mark with ease (around late 1997). While I learned many lessons, I was able to avoid what could have been decades of financial struggle and emotional frustration to begin earning 6-figures-plus with ease.

During my career as a resume writer and career coach I was able to:

  • Publish books;
  • Win awards for resume writing and job placement;
  • Earn many certifications;
  • Present at industry conferences;
  • Travel the US performing transition assistance workshops;
  • Maintain a 94-97% close rate on 4-figure sales;
  • Create programs that created profit without spending hours per client;
  • Build a business referral rate of over 55%;
  • Take Fridays off and work an average of 30 hours a week;
  • Develop a team of nine ghost writers to service my contracts as resume expert for 55 professional associations worldwide.

I’ve spent the last two decades guiding resume writers and career coaches to define and attain successes such as these.

This has included recognizing their worth, valuing their time, dramatically increasing their revenue, taking vacations, reducing stress, increasing referrals, closing sales with ease, developing programs to make money while they sleep, defining their markets, and much more.

I can barely count the number of clients who have shared with me successes ranging from buying their first home, purchasing a vacation home, taking the summers off, and tripling their income.

Concurrently, I’ve exhaustively pursued training, certification, and market research to ensure I can continue to lead the industry in guiding others to the success, joy, and life balance they deserve.

I can’t wait to help you fly higher!

This live event is open to members only.

Mark Your Calendars:

Date: TBA

Time: 12:00-1:30 PM Eastern

Where: Virtual Webinar for members only (login/call in details will be sent a few days before the event)

Cost: Free for CDI members

Recording: Yes, it will be recorded and be made available in the member’s section

Live programs are announced via email, so watch your inbox!

When completed, they can be found here >>

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