What to Bring for Your Out-of-town Job Interview

Audrey Prenzel

Have to travel for a job interview?

Here are some things to bring with you.


Bottled water and a rag can wipe a muddy shoe.

Give them a rub and they’ll shine like new.


There’s nothing worse than a rip in your rear-end.

With a needle and thread, quickly you can mend.


A sudden cough or runny nose needn’t be a drag.

Stuff some tissues and lozenges into your bag.


A lint roller’s great for keeping your clothes free,

From fur and hair and fluff and other stringy debris.


A comb or a brush or ultra hold spray,

Can tame tussled hair on a windy day.


Minor cuts can happen to me and to you.

Grab a Band-Aid to up cover your boo-boo.


Toss toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss in your pile.

People want to see clean teeth when you smile.


I don’t care if they’re red or green or blue,

A pen and paper should always be with you.


Nail files, manicure scissors, tweezers too,

Can take of things that are sticking out of you.


Bring pills for headaches. Bring pills for sprains.

Bring pills that hide your throbbing pains.


Job interviews can be stressful enough.

You’ll be less stressed if you bring along this stuff.


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