Use the Right Side of Your Brain to Run Your Biz

By Carolyn Broomfield

The “brain dominance” theory that emerged in the late sixties from the research of American psycho biologist Roger W. Sperry, argues that the human brain has two very different ways of thinking.

The right hemisphere of the brain, regarded as a visual medium, sees information in terms of the big picture first, before it searches for the details, and also tends to operate by recognizing relationships, insights, instincts and intuitiveness.

Conversely, the left hemisphere of the brain is verbal, and processes information by detail first, putting data together to gain the big picture. This side of the brain tends to function in a more analytical, rational logical and sequential fashion.

If you are a professional writer, and your focus is on producing high quality documents for your clients, you would be more likely to be right-brain thinker. The danger here is there can be a tendency for the focus to be on the writing and not the business.

For instance, client satisfaction and feedback may be very important, (who doesn’t love to hear success stories from clients?) however, there are many other tools that can also indicate how well your business is doing. These tools do not rely on feelings and relationships, they are facts and percentages and they are pivotal to business growth, planning and success.

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