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    I Got Stressed Creating This Video of 4 Ways to Destress (But it Worked)

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    I’m not going to lie – I had the best intentions and this ‘4 ways to destress at the holidays, winter, whether you celebrate or what not’ just went to hell.

    I got the tips! They are in the video and the text below.

    The video that has been recorded on three separate devices four times in three different rooms and I’ve just had it.

    Which is why I was creating this little video for you in the first place —

    Cause life is going to throw you some icky curve balls whenever it wants. All you can do is be ready with ways to destress.

    Technology doesn’t care if you’re baking holiday cookies.

    Aunt Jan doesn’t care that you’re working until 5 PM.

    Your client Jim just knows he needs it now as in “NOW”. Not right meow but damn it, right now!

    Groceries cost the same whether you are taking the week off or not…

    So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I shared four of the quick destress techniques I ALWAYS have in my back pocket for when things go wrong?

    And I could be all jolly and bright in my lit up hair piece and my “Ho Ho Hula” tee. You know, kind of casual and yet maybe glam at the same time.

    Ho Ho No ShirtBut. Technology. Did. Not. Work.

    My shirt basically says I’m a Ho. (Not my plan).

    Son of a Salami, I was frustrated!

    You know what? I gave up.

    I mean I gave up after I’d tried multiple times and had to just decide:

    Sometimes it’s just got to be good enough. The least stressful thing to do is to move on and use it to strengthen your message about the importance of finding ways to destress!

    Imagine I’m in the middle of a hurricane and that’s why there is static but my message desperately needs to reach you because it’s a matter of life or death!

    So you just have to listen in despite that scratchy noise and for some reason, that kind of blurry video.

    (But actually I now realize coming around 360 degrees that the video is just fine. It was a cable on my desktop but I’m on a roll here…)

    I made the video. I could have just written out the text at this point, but here it all is in its ugly glory!

    Yep, I’m human.

    No big surprise.

    So let’s explore four ways to destroy your stress and avoid throwing a holiday temper tantrum like that kid at the mall yesterday.

    Strategy 1: Think About a High Point in Your Life When You Felt Safe

    You might want to close your eyes and get comfortable, and then think of a time in your life when you felt safe.

    What comes to mind for me is being nine years old and enveloped in grandmas’ big warm hug.

    Nothing could go wrong there.

    So I’m just going to visualize it and breathe into it.

    Breathe in to the count of five. Hold for just a second. Woosh out that breath to clear my lungs and my stress to the count of five.

    I might even place my hands on my heart.

    This is a quick yet strong way to quickly calm your nervous system and return to happy.

    Repeat as needed.

    Strategy 2: Go to Your Happy Place

    Literally or figuratively, we’ve all got a happy place.

    Maybe you don’t want to go to the beach at -30 F. I don’t blame you.

    But if you can’t physically go to that space where you feel most at peace, you can travel there through visualization.

    For me, it’s the beach.

    Here in Florida that’s a year round place to go. But today it’s rainy and tomorrow night it will be 32 F. Nope.

    But when I close my eyes I can visualize that expansive ocean.

    Whether it’s calm or wavy, I can match my breathing and even my heartbeat to the sound of it hitting the shore.

    I might hear seagulls or smile at the sound of children playing in the sand.

    And the sand, I can feel it around my toes all warm and if I dig in it’s cool below yet saving me money on a pedicure with all that scratchy exfoliation.

    With very specific visualization you strengthen positive neural pathways in your brain.

    See it and you will believe it.

    Remember to breath. Just breath in the sights, sounds and feelings of your happy place, and breathe out all the problems.

    Repeat as needed.

    Strategy 3: Listen to Music That Makes You Happy

    Lately I’ve been grooving to Brotha James on Spotify.

    No, it’s not Hawaiian music. (Surprise, I’m multi-dimensional, lol). 

    His music has an inspiring message.

    I think of it as the music for positive living.

    Like, “I am Bold” says, “I am bold. No pressure, no diamonds, I’m bold. Got plans instead of problems, I’m bold.”

    It has a good beat and a great message.

    I’ll flip it on when I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m making lunch, when I’m thinking of hunting down the delivery driver who left my package in the rain…

    You get the idea.

    So what music brings you to life and makes your feet start tapping and your wiggle start to jiggle?

    Play it.


    Repeat as needed.

    Strategy 4: Use Gratitude Practice Powerfully

    With gratitude it’s not enough to make a list and maybe check it twice.


    Gratitude is just a list unless you attach emotion to it.

    So the next time you need to quickly destress or just set yourself up to feel happy, heart-warmed, positive, and ready to rock n’ roll, say this:

    “I am grateful for____________________.”

    “That makes me feel_____________________________________.”

    All you have to do is attach a feeling (most likely feelings) to it in order to make it powerful for you.

    Like I might say, “I’m grateful for my cat. Oh that sweet little monster. I love her so much. I love to stroke her fur. I love to scream back at her when she screams at me. I love her little face. I feel so much love when I just think about her. I feel warm. I feel happy. She makes me love and feel delighted.”

    I could go on and on, but I think you can imagine I’m having all the good Feels right now thinking about my kitty.

    Santa-CatMy little beastie of a kitty (who I adore) and just found lying on my festive leather Santa bag trimmed with faux fur….


    But I’m still grateful!

    So who, what, or where are you grateful for, and how does it make you feel?

    Groove on that for a few moments and it will change your state.

    And yes, you can attach other questions to it like, “Why is that important? To me? To my family? To my business? To the world?”

    Just have fun with it.

    I can do gratitude work at any time but I try to start my day out on the right foot by practicing it each morning in the shower!

    It’s an any time thing you can do.

    Repeat as needed.

    And Yes, there really is a video of the 4 ways to destress!

    A funny thing as I commented — there was nothing wrong with the first video — this is the first one.

    I have a loose audio cable on my desktop computer and that’s why no matter what device I recorded on or what platform I used, or what noise reduction I applied, it was always going to sound crappy.

    It’s always something. Time for some gratitude work!

    That’s 4 powerful ways to destress today, on holiday, and every day!

    Surfing-Santa-2022This is my holiday gift to you from my heart and CDI.

    We wish you every chance to rest, recharge, celebrate, catch up, dominate, or use this time however it is best for you.

    Just own it and not the stress that it can create!

    I’ll see you in the New Year but until then you can find me surfing with Santa!

    P.S. I’m so grateful for you! 

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