Can a Virtual Assistant (VA) Boost Your Business?

Woman with Money ComputerYes, they can!

The Techie Mentor, Susan Mershon will share how you can benefit most by working with a VA in her Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live session:

How to Boost Your Business by Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)


Here’s what to expect from Susan’s session:

You can boost your business and bottom line by working with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Many solopreneurs make the costly mistake of trying to do everything themselves instead of concentrating on what drives them to make a difference.

They spend too much time “in their business” and not enough time “on their business”. Before they know it, they have reached a ceiling where they are using up every hour of the day and still not growing.

Working with a Virtual Assistant will allow you to break through that ceiling!

In Boost Your Business, Susan Mershon will share with you the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant that will make a big difference in your business and life.

Drawing on her years of working as a Virtual Assistant, Susan will show you how to:

  • Determine what tasks are keeping you stuck
  • Find qualified, professional Virtual Assistants
  • Delegate effectively and efficiently
  • Create a working partnership with a Virtual Assistant

You will leave this session knowing exactly what you need to do to break through the ceiling that is limiting your life, income, and business.

It’s time to boost your business!

Learn more about Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live now.

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