The Power of Value Marketing

By Louise Kursmark

If you’re like most resume writers, what you love about your job is the art and science of crafting a powerful marketing document. You relish the challenge of digging into your client’s background, uncovering the rough gems of amazing accomplishments and deep expertise, and polishing those gems into shining jewels for the resume.

What you don’t love is marketing your business, selling your services, and worrying about creating a solid revenue stream! Yet these activities are absolutely essential. If you don’t generate new business, you won’t be able to go on doing what you love to do.

Marketing can be challenging and time consuming. Often your activities have no immediate payback, so you wonder if you’re doing the right things and enough of the right things. You’re not sure how to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other resume services; so maybe you drop your fees in hopes of capturing more clients. Then you put in too many hours completing a high volume of resumes and still struggle to make ends meet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had lots of prospects . . . and lots of the right prospects, those who value your expertise and expect to pay a reasonable (or premium) fee for your services? To achieve that goal, you must put the power of value marketing to work for you.

Do’s and Don’ts of Value Marketing

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