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TORI Award-Winning Resumes Now Online for Viewing

TORIIt’s finally that time: The TORI award-winning resumes are now online and ready for viewing!

You can see them now on our award’s page.

The judges and award’s director had intimated that it was a difficult decision this year with so many amazing entries. Frankly, I had no idea until we were putting them online last week.

“WOW” is the word that comes to mind!

These resumes are visually powerful, enticingly worded, and full of the strategy that will make them the best of the best in networking for new jobs. :

Remember as you review — the TORIs are not supposed to be ATS-friendly. They are supposed to indicate how a job seeker can stand out when they are working the hidden job market, networking, and connecting with people. As stated on the award’s page, these resumes would have an ATS-friendly version that their clients could use. But what the TORIs will show you is the best-of-the-best in:

  • Personal branding and emphasizing unique selling propositions
  • Targeting jobs
  • Making results stand out visually while ensuring they are quantifiable whenever possible
  • Laying out an attractive, eye-catching, and easy-to-read resume
  • Using graphics and design tastefully and professionally
  • Leveraging challenges, actions, and results
  • Handing certain career challenges

So go ahead, spend some time getting inspired at what is possible in resume writing today. At CDI we are thrilled to be leading the industry in resume innovation. It is so exciting to see so many stepping up to the plate and taking their job seeking clients to the next level!

View winning resumes now >>

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