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    Certified Hidden Job Coach
    & Profile Writer Course


    This course is currently being updated and is currently unavailable for registration.

    In a job search and in your own business, if you don't have a winning LinkedIn profile and understand the new ways of finding and creating job opportunities, you are losing out because you are invisible!

    Now you can earn one certification and be able to:

    • Write high-ranking LinkedIn profiles that get results.
    • Leverage the LinkedIn platform to help your clients stand out in recruiter searches, target unlisted jobs, easily become an influencer, and establish key connections to grow their network.
    • Guide clients to create online identities not just on LinkedIn but across other platforms so they can readily showcase their brand and eliminate any digital dirt.
    • Access Laura DeCarlo's done-for you client package she used in her 4 to 5-figure national transition program and with private clients.
    • Utilize tools to sell and package these services to your clients.
    • Use these tools for yourself to build authority, visibility, and business growth.

    Consider These Facts About Job Searching and Recruiting

    LinkedIn Dominates Today's Job Search

    Consider these statistics:

    • 20 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.
    • At any given time there are 20 million open jobs on LinkedIn.
    • 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.
    • 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn.
    • 25.5 million people were hired by a person they were connected with on LinkedIn.

    (Source - https://kinsta.com/blog/linkedin-statistics/)

    Millions use Indeed

    Over 140 million job seekers use Indeed each week for job search, with over 175 million resumes in their database.

    Google Receives Thousands of Resumes a Day

    Google receives as many as 3 million resumes a year, which is over 8000 resumes a day from job seekers, making it impossible to stand out in a sea of rudderless candidates.

    Traditional Job Boards Are Obsolete

    Traditional job boards are on the decline and are rapidly becoming archaic with employer job postings declining by as much as 90% in the shift to new technologies, sourcing, and social tools.

    Most Employers Screen Candidates on Social Media

    Social search is dominating the market as approximately 80% of employers use social media sites like LinkedIn to screen job candidates.

    Most Companies Recruit on Social Media

    70-80% of recruiters and employers state they source talent for job openings through social media sites.

    (Sources - Careerbuilder.com, BusinessNewsDaily.com, Indeed.com, Inc.com)

    What's a job seeker to do?

    How's a coach and resume writer to guide them?

    The change taking place in how jobs are found is simply startling. Job seekers need to find their place online and they need you to lead them there. CDI's Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile Writer (CJCPW) will steer you through this maze and provide you with the tools, practical knowledge, and step-by-step processes to expand your skill set, grow your business, and empower your clients to succeed in this new arena!

    • BONUS: This course includes 50 pages of bonus done-for-you materials you can use with clients!

    In fact, there is a not-so-hidden marketing bonus to the CJCPW course for you:

    While you are learning what to do for your clients to establish, clean up, or grow their online presence and perform their job search, you can apply the same tools and techniques to yourself and your business!

    Our first graduate of the former course (CP-OJSRM) took this to heart and used herself as one of the final case study campaign projects. Using the tools in Module 7, she first determined her current online visibility so she could then begin ramping up her online presence so that her name and her business are more accessible online. What a silver lining - grow your skills, grow your business simultaneously...you could even expand your client base to other consultants and entrepreneurs who face the same challenges!

    With the new Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile Writer course you'll be able to nail online success for your job search clients and yourself.

    photo of Tammy Chisholm

    I enjoyed the content and have already started utilizing the strategies with my clients. I nearly tripled my average sale within the first week of adding the coaching services. I received three messages from previous clients to schedule a session within one week of Laura posting my Certified Hidden Job Coach and Profile Writer certification notification on LinkedIn. I am excited to expand my practice utilizing my new certification. Thank you!

    Tammy Chisholm

    Premier Professional Resumes / Executive Career Pathway
    Photo of Julie Street

    The course was very interesting and I learnt so much especially about LinkedIn and it’s use for authority-building, contact identification, connection, social selling and job hunting. It was an enjoyable process containing informative modules and I know that my clients will also gain maximum benefit from my new knowledge. Thank you CDI for developing this certification.

    Julie Street

    Life Path Career Coaching
    female silhouette

    Thank you so much! This was a rigorous process and I am happy I learned so much! There was so much information - I plan to start going back over the course so that I can effectively integrate what I have learned into my practice to best help my clients. Thanks again for all your feedback and constantly pushing me for more!

    Kimberly Ben

    Top Resume Writing & Career Services
    Barbara Safani
    I recently completed the CDl Certified Hidden Job Coach and Profile Writer course, and I'm so glad I made the investment. I learned so much about creating a dynamic LinkedIn profile that I overhauled my LinkedIn profile writing process and pricing to deliver greater value at double the price point! Additionally, the course offered many hands-on exercises for leveraging the power of professional associations and company databases in a job search, and introduced recommendations for more targeted Boolean searches that yield better search results and save time!
    As a busy practitioner, it's easy to put professional development on the back burner. The self-paced modules made it easy to complete the coursework while juggling client projects, and I'm glad I didn't put off completing this program. 

    Barbara Safani

    Career Solvers
    female silhouette

    The CJCPW Program helped me elevate my job search and LI profile writing skills and add greater value to supporting jobseekers in a competitive labour market. Thank you, Laura, for introducing this empowering program!

    Lori Jazvac

    Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes

    Program Content

    Includes relevant, current content as of November 2020. Because it may be in need of updates, the price has been discounted. You will receive access to the next update free of charge.

    • Everything you and your clients need to know to succeed on LinkedIn from having a winning profile and showing up in recruiter searches to growing their network strategically and using activity features efficiently.
    • The best of tried-and-true job search strategies and how to perform them efficiently and effectively online.
    • Cutting-edge social strategies which encompass online networking and job development as well as online identity and reputation management.
    • Instructions on how to identify target companies, job match employment descriptions, and find key contacts online.
    • Tools you can use to help your clients AND boost your own online visibility and expertise.
    • A new revenue stream for your business coupled with added success for your clients! You'll make more money per client while increasing your confidence and their results.
    • An easy way to reduce risk of clients blaming the resume for their lack of success when they don't know how to job search.
    • A ready-made 50-page bonus packet of done-for-you resources to guide your client through self-assessment, search preparation, and job search.

    Whether you want to educate your clients in workshops or one-to-one coaching, create online identities, stay up-to-date on new industry trends, write LinkedIn profiles, and/or put together job search and career packages for your clients, here's just some of what you will be able to do when you finish this course:

    • Utilize the web to more easily find the information you are seeking.
    • Score a client’s existing online identity to help them see where they stand.
    • Capitalize on online tools to find unlisted jobs and build target company lists.
    • Create LinkedIn profiles for clients that are optimized to show up in searches.
    • Leverage free online resources to identify unlisted jobs, careers, new industries, and networking opportunities. 
    • Assist clients in finding contacts and getting endorsements.
    • Leverage groups to grow visibility, without ever becoming active in them.
    • Handle everything about moving a cold contact at a target company to a warm one willing to help.
    • Reverse engineer LinkedIn Recruiter to ensure clients rank high in searches.
    • Gain authority and visibility on LinkedIn Activity in the easiest and fastest way possible (includes format).
    • Guide clients to establish a presence on Twitter and then create an information campaign of expertise.
    • Help clients to use Twitter to monitor industry activity and opportunities with various job search and monitoring tools.
    • Show clients how to become active on Facebook, especially those in consulting or self-employment.
    • Apply LinkedIn Stories to brand-building.
    • Help clients to establish a blog presence or become a content curator to showcase their expertise and become known in their space.
    • Teach clients to make networking contacts through discussion groups and ListServs while establishing their expertise.
    • Advise and assist clients to clean up (and avoid) digital dirt on the internet.
    • Position clients to go viral with their expertise (or at least information share).
    • Teach clients about the do’s and don’ts of online video, and understand why it's in demand today.
    • Use free tools to create a an online portfolio presence outside of standard social networks.
    • Resell (affiliate relationship) online job search tools and job search training materials for win-win profits and client success.
    • Gain media attention from journalists to get quoted on the Web and in print.
    • Publish articles on the Internet as well as press releases and e-books.
    • Provide advice to clients on starting radio shows and creating podcasts.
    • Leverage online career management tools for smooth tracking and transition.
    • Develop strategy plans using all the above tools, which focus on online identity campaigns for job seekers, consultants, and solopreneurs; career research campaigns (resources for pursuing a new career), and job opportunity identification campaigns.
    • Increase your per-client revenues and your client successes.

    Plus, a special bonus: 

    • Grab a bonus 50-page packet of done-for-you client tools ($199 value) - an updated version of the exact materials I would give to private clients and participants in my nationwide transition assistance program to the US government and corporations. It includes: 
      • introductory discussion pitch to explain the need for these services
      • links to CDI sales scripts for selling and packaging
      • ideas and their benefits on how to offer and upsell the services (1-1, group, evergreen)
      • SWOT analysis activity
      • budgeting tips
      • skill identification
      • goal setting
      • traits of successful job seekers
      • values checklist
      • goals worksheets
      • employment analysis worksheet
      • skills matching worksheet
      • accomplishment worksheet
      • how others see me worksheet
      • job search success rates
      • job search success tips
      • activity goals checklist
      • networking worksheet
      • job lead worksheet
      • job lead ranking strategy
      • employment application worksheets and advice
      • reference page how-to and template page
      • thank you letter tips
      • networking campaign tips and brainstorming list
      • principles of direct employer contact and scripting strategy
      • telephone tips
      • dealing with employment agencies
      • dealing with recruiters.

    In short, you will have the knowledge, confidence, tools, and skill to write winning LinkedIn profiles and to direct your clients on how to navigate the online job world successfully while also boosting your own social media visibility.

    Get certified today!

    Course Involvement

    The course begins with your introduction and big bonus done-for-you client package followed by recommended reading and moves into seven modules of course material with exercises for completion in each which will be submitted as part of a final portfolio of work.

    I'm not going to lie - Module 7 is 71 pages long since it covers the 21 key ways to apply social networking tools and resources to the job search.

    I could have broken module 7 up, but I wanted you to have a single handy resource that you could easily return to again and again. (The modules are all MS Word files). 

    The ninth module includes sample campaigns and instructions on creating three such campaign case studies for the completion of the portfolio. These case studies can be created on real or fictional clients, and have even been completed by students on their own personal and business identities.

    Your mentor and the course creator, Laura DeCarlo, will be available via email to answer your questions and provide feedback on your module exercises.

    Upon successful completion and approval of the portfolio and case studies, the certification will be issued. There is no final exam.

    Who Should Take This Course

    Any career professional, working with clients at any and all levels, who wants to write and optimize online profiles and understand how to effectively utilize the Internet for job search, online identity, career management, industry/professional/job research, and reputation management.

    Remember - this course blends old and new so while you may come upon techniques with which you are familiar, we have made every effort to introduce new techniques and online spins that make the common easier, more efficient, more innovative, and more effective.

    Course Time Frame

    Since it is a self-paced curriculum, you can take as long as you need within one calendar year of registration. However, most students would be able to easily complete the program in approximately 6-8 weeks by committing 3-5 hours per week. There are no live class sessions to ensure you have the flexibility to work at your own pace, day or night. You will be provided with support and feedback from the course creator as your mentor throughout the program to ensure your success! Please be advised that you must maintain an active CDI membership to complete any phase of the program. Any updates created in one year of purchase will be automatically accessible.

    Participant Feedback (Former Course Versions)

    female silhouette

    I am so excited about all of the amazing tools I learned about through the OJSRM certification modules! I am still having fun picking new ones to explore further each day.

    CDI really has fantastic programs and they are no joke–you have to work hard for CDI credentials! But, you truly learn so much in the process. OJSRM is my first CDI certification, but I hope it’s not the last–there are so many more amazing programs that I want to do!

    Dr. Colleen Georges

    Colleen’s Career Creations
    female silhouette

    This is a must have course for anyone who coaches or works with job seekers. The job market is changing every day. The traditional ways of finding work has changed forever. This course teaches how to find and secure job opportunities on-line. The information and materials are in abundance!

    Catherine Palmiere

    Adam Personnel, Inc.
    female silhouette

    The CIJSE taught me different methods of gathering information from the Internet (far more than just the Internet job search as noted in the title). I learned to search more efficiently, effectively, and, most useful to me, the course made me think “outside the box”.
    Since graduating from this course, I have found jobs for EVERY ONE of my clients, many of whom had spent months job searching before coming to me.

    Laura Drew, CIJSE, CEIC

    Carolina Career Coach

    I found the OJSRM curriculum to be very good and comprehensive. I know it must have taken hours and hours of time to put it together. I definitely learned new things. It also validated that the work I have already done with my clients has been on the right track.

    Irene Marshall

    Tools for Transition
    female silhouette

    First of all the CIJSE was well worth the money!

    What I like best from the course are the tools that were provided to conduct company research. Once you set up your alerts, you are done! This way our clients do not have to search for hours online or pay a fee to find research on their target companies.

    The course teaches you not to go in circles on the internet and keep researching the same sites all the time. Our clients can do this forever! This is great information to share with our clients to help move them forward.

    The course also discusses first being general with your searches and doing all of the research first, and then teaches you how to get more specific. From general, a fine tuned specific marketing plan should be created. It is a wealth of job search websites! Sites I never new existed and it has been a valuable asset to share these sites with my clients.

    Rose Rybski

    Career Resolutions
    (photo) Patricia Duckers

    This course vastly changed my way of thinking by presenting several techniques, ideas, and resources to accomplish the goal of customizing job search strategies in identifying unlisted jobs and equipping clients with a feasible strategy to uncover opportunities they might not have otherwise thought about. The thing I especially appreciate most about this course is that I’m now able to help clients by developing a job search blue print for success in half of the time that it used to take me.

    Patricia Duckers, CFRWC, CMRW, CPRW, CEIP, CWPP, MMRW

    female silhouette

    The best thing about the Internet Job Search Expert certification course is that I have been able to apply the material immediately and on a daily basis with my students/clients.

    The course takes you through every aspect of the internet search process and truly coaches the coach on how to teach clients to network and market themselves strategically.

    The developers did a great job using research from experts in the field; it is evident that CDI puts massive amounts of energy into their coursework to ensure a quality result and practical usage.

    Erin Meenan, C.D.F., M.P.A., CIJSE

    Champlain College
    (photo) Camille Roberts

    I remember telling Laura of CDI the CIJSE should be a ‘requirement’ for us as part of the CARW. The information is very good! I really believe that in order to best serve our clients (especially now in this economy) the knowledge gained from this course will not only help you, but help your clients. Just the targeted industry resources alone is worth the time, effort, and money.

    You may wonder why you need a certification to do a job search on the internet and who would need a certification for that. Well, you don’t, but this course kicks up the concept a notch and teaches you how to be more efficient so it doesn’t have to be as time consuming for you or your clients.

    For those of you leery of taking a test, I am, too. The CIJSE test includes the research you will conduct. This course is not a mind-bending course if you are afraid of the testing. It is a course that give you a myriad of tools and resources necessary to conduct an effective job search for your clients and add an additional source of revenue for you. Or, you can teach them how to do it. I prefer the latter because I am a trainer too…and like the concept of give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, or teach a man to fish and he’ll eat forever. =) This course has really helped me even when teaching my clients about the Federal job search so it can be applied to both private sector and Federal in a sense.

    Don’t hesitate if you are on the fence about this certification. You will love the knowledge you gain from it and it will make you money…and smarter.

    Camille Roberts

    CC Career Services

    Certification Renewal

    The CHJPW certification must be renewed every two years (it could be three years, but depends solely on this volatile industry) by purchasing the program update modules. Depending on how comprehensive industry changes are, the update may range from $25-300. (Higher cost will involve total program revamps, which have now happened five times since the course launched in 2005).

    Revocation Policy

    All requirements of CJCPW certification, renewal, and/or CDI membership standards must be maintained in order to earn or retain a CDI credential. CDI reserves the right to revoke a CJCPW credential for any of the following: Renewal requirements are not maintained and completed within required timelines at the appropriate rate for member/non-member status. Member fails to complete the required 12 consecutive months of membership to qualify for the discounted rate provided at registration and makes no attempt to pay the difference in order to retain said credential. Individual is found guilty in a court of law for a grievance within the industry (unprofessional, unethical, unlawful conduct and/or business practices).

    Old Logo and Course Replacement

    CP-OJSRM LogoCDI will recognize the CP-OJSRM through 2021 for those who just earned it in 2019-2020.

    After that point it will be necessary to upgrade to the CHJPW. Contact CDI at info@nullcareerdirectors.com for details on upgrading at a special rate.

    CIJSECDI no longer recognizes the CIJSE.

    This course has been out of date since February 2011. It then switched to the CP-OJSRM through 11/2020. It is now the CHJPW.

    If you hold this credential you should upgrade to the current course.

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