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    In any career search, the first and most important step is mindset. You may be feeling angry because you were just laid off, fearful because money is running low, and uncertain about the future. All of these emotions are equally understandable and devastating to your job search.

    If you’ve ever spoken with someone who is angry and fearful, lacking confidence and feeling uncertain, you know it’s uncomfortable to be around. You’d be unlikely to hire them.

    Potential employers will pick up on your feelings even if you are careful to be positive in your wording and attitude. They can tell if you’re coming from a place of fear and desperation.  If you’re feeling angry due to a layoff, that comes through as well and it can heavily influence your chances of being hired.

    Your mindset, fueled by your emotions, will determine the way you interact with your potential employer from your cover letter to the interview to your first day on the job. Your mindset and emotions steer your thoughts, conversations and performance at work.

    Prior to beginning your search and at each step along the way, check in with how you’re feeling, where you’re coming from and your intentions. If you find yourself feeling fearful or angry, find a way to shift your feelings by listening to some great music, watching a comedy, or going out with friends. A positive attitude overlaying fear and anger won’t do. There needs to be a genuine shift at a deeper level.

    Put yourself on the other side of the table. Step outside of yourself and think about who you would hire. How would they come across to others? What would they say? And what feelings would fuel who they are? You can use that as inspiration as you work towards creating an attitude that will be attractive to employers.

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