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    New Resume Writing Credential for Job Seekers with Challenging Transitions

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    Challenging Transitions LogoAre you a Guru when it comes to resumes for career changers, stay-at-home parents, or those with other challenging career gaps and derailments?

    The Certified Resume Specialist in Challenging Transitions lets you stand out in this arena!

    The Certified Resume Specialist (CRS+X) credential is the ultimate chameleon to help you build your business!

    To date we’ve rolled out 18 different specialties that can be earned to help YOU stand out in your unique niche!

    Based on a recent request, we’ve now added the CRS in Challenging Transitions (CRS+CT).

    Earning a CRS credential is primarily a portfolio-based process of submitting samples and proving expertise in the specialty.

    For instance, Challenging Transitions would require:

    1. Meeting base criteria of having earned an approved resume certification.
    2. Submitting a portfolio of four resume samples appropriate for the topic such as people returning to work and covering gaps after illness, injury, incarceration, or being stay-at-home parents; people making big career changes; people overcoming major obstacles like being fired.
    3. Writing a one page essay that demonstrates your knowledge of working with and aiding these type of clients.

    That’s it!

    Once received it does require review and approval by the CDI Certifiication Committee, but it is a step closer to attracting your ideal clients!

    Visit the CRS web page to learn more.

    Current CRS categories include:

    • Challenging Transitions (CRS+CT) – examples include career changers, return to workers, long term unemployed, return from incarceration
    • Accounting and Finance – (CRS+AF)
    • Financial Services (CRS+FS)
    • Healthcare and Medical – (CRS+HM)
    • Education – (CRS+E)
    • Hospitality and Tourism – (CRS+HT)
    • Information Technology – (CRS+IT)
    • Engineering and Science – (CRS+ES)
    • Administration and Clerical – (CRS+AC)
    • Legal / Law – (CRS+LL)
    • Emergency Services – (CRS+ES)
    • Non-Profit – (CRS+NP)
    • Public Relations and Marketing Communications – (CRS+PR)
    • Sales and Business Development – (CRS+BD)
    • Training and Human Resources – (CRS+HR)
    • Trades and Construction – (CRS+TC)
    • Politics and Legislation – (CRS+PL)
    • Mining and Energy – (CRS+ME)
    • Military to Civilian Transition – (CRS+MCT)
    • Australia Public Service (CRS+PSAU)

    Learn more about the CRS+X credential now.

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