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    Passions – Your Guiding Star to Career Change

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    Clay Aiken has parlayed his American Idol fame into an outspoken voice in North Carolina politics. Frustrated with gerrymandering in his home state, Clay Aiken’s passion for spreading his political ideas, especially about education and campaign funding, have propelled him into a new career track.

    If you are at an impasse in your job search or dissatisfied with your current job or career, you may want to consider how your passions may be the guiding star to your next career.

    As a professional career consultant for more than three decades, I have witnessed many clients make a sweeping career transition primarily due to the internal nudge of their passions and interests. For example:

    • Bank Teller to a Physical Therapist
    • Corporate Attorney to Executive Director of an environmental rights organization
    • Tax Accountant to Ski Resort Owner / Manager
    • Finance Director to Disability Counselor
    • Fast-Food Franchise Owner to Funeral Home Director
    • Pediatric Nurse to Genetics Counselor
    • Information Technology Project Manager to Legislative Campaign Manager
    • Marketing Assistant to Human Resources Specialist
    • High School Teacher to Research Analyst for Non-Profit Association

    Some of these career transitions were swift (in less than one year), and some took longer due to the need for additional education, training, internships, and/or hands-on experience.

    In all cases, these clients explored not only their passions and interests, but also their values and goals, motivated skills, personality type, and 360-verified personal brand. All of these aspects, taken together, painted a unique picture of career possibilities for each individual. But passions were the spark that got them moving!

    Considering a job or career change can be scary. But it is a fairly common phenomenon. For example, recent statistics from National Longitudinal Surveys done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that younger baby boomers (born between 1957 and 1964) held an average of 11.7 jobs from ages 18 to 48.

    You may feel passionate about hobbies, social causes, learning, altruism, climate change, disabilities, countries, certain segments of the population (the elderly, teenagers, babies, etc.), elected officials or those running for office, injustice, legal rights, or other topics. Now is the time to explore those passions as well as relevant occupations. You could just find your best-fit career!

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