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    Thank you so much for all that you give to CDI members. Since joining CDI I’ve implemented your strategies, guidance and tools, along with other key steps, which included launching a new and optimized website. As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue! I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING! - Angie S. Jones, Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

    Sherry Mirshahi shares in her video:

    When you join CDI you get 400 mentors."

    This month is my best ever. Two of the biggest things this year that affected my business included attending the CDI conference and signing up for a CDI mentor. So many changes have come out of those two things. It’s great. - Laurie Berenson, Sterling Career Concepts, LLC

    I have to admit, I resisted joining CDI for years. I was doing rather well in my resume-writing business without membership, without certifications, without connecting with other resume writers. Then, one year, I took a closer look at the organization and decided to give it a try.

    CDI offers education, insights, inspiration, and an ever-expanding collection of tips, scripts, and advice. It also provides community—a forum for asking questions and a resource for meeting other resume writers. Plus, there’s the chance to continuously push my writing and design skills to the next level through the TORI awards.

    Through CDI, I learned to transform my daily work into a thriving business—increasing the quality and professionalism of my offerings and more than tripling my revenue. Big thanks! - Eve Ruth, Compelling Resumes

    Excellent recommendations as always. You're a rock star Laura DeCarlo.

    Thanks for all your resources and encouragement for career practitioners. I've been involved in CDI for a few years now. The tip sheets, audio lessons, video trainings, etc. have helped me to begin standing out as a valuable commodity in the higher ed space.

    Don’t stop because you’re changing lives. - Myles Lofland, Delta State University

    I'm getting a lot out of my membership already. The resources on the CDI site have been a-maz-ing!

    I'm an "old timer" to resume writing, but even so I'm learning a lot. I'm invigorated by the creative freedom of using graphics in my resumes, and this is where your resources have been especially helpful. It's made me excited about writing resumes again! As a result, I'm entering the TORI competition for the first time in my career.

    Another area where you've helped: I now show samples to potential clients via Zoom, rather than just talking on the phone and assuming they've seen them. What a difference!

    I've already recommended CDI to a new resume writer who wrote to me for advice.Thanks again for all that you do. - Deborah L. Schuster, The Lettersmith

    Thank you Laura. I couldn’t be where I am today without you. I have been a member going way back and never let go. I have been successful because of your continual support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us Career Development and Resume Writing Professionals. - Anita Radosevich, Career Ladders Inc.

    CDI offers crazy insane value. You are the Steve Jobs of career and resume organizations. You could take it down seven notches and still be superior. - Bryan Lubic, San Diego State University

    Great work indeed on the recent pricing and packaging survey. It’s rare to see such professional work done so comprehensively. What I find interesting is how the investment in a single year’s membership and attendance at a single CDI Conference, could move so many people to higher profit levels. If this survey doesn’t convince them of their membership’s value, nothing will. - Don Orlando, The McLean Group

    One of my best all time investments. I will continue to renew my membership. You rock Laura DeCarlo! - Nickquolette Barrett, iRock Resumes

    I just closed the single biggest resume sale of my career. I used your technique for closing from the CDI website. I also learned to set my hourly rate and used a contract for the sale from CDI's member resources. Thank you!!! - KW

    It's been a little more than two years since I joined CDI and I must say that it has been the best thing I've ever done for my business. The educational resources, professional relationships, and subcontracting opportunities have enabled me to rapidly build my business from a small sideline practice into a thriving operation with a steady flow of business. When I hear people in other businesses complain about how slow things are, I simply can't relate.

    CDI is the 'Ivy League' of career organizations yet it has that small college feel. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, join today and get certified. - Tom Albano, All Star Career Services

    This (Resumes for Dummies) is a fantastic - totally inclusive - resource for job seekers with specialties not included in most resume publications. Thank you for including my samples in this 'must have' resource! I so enjoy being a member of CDI and your heart felt outreach and dedication! - Kara Varner, A Platinum Resume

    I had to write and thank you for the fantastic teleclass: Overcoming Your Money Hang-ups. Every CDI teleclass I’ve done so far has been extremely helpful and relevant to my career as a resume writer, but this one was a revelation…it blew my socks off! So thank you so much for this amazing teleclass. I know it will affect me in many areas of my life from now on. It would have been worth twice what I paid for my yearly CDI membership, only it was free! So thank you...” - Lorraine Wright, 21st Century Resumes

    I just signed up a new client for my signature 6-module career navigation program for double my previous price thanks to COIN. The COIN program, CDI Summit, and CDI MP3 teleseminars have been instrumental in building my knowledge and confidence. As a result, things have really gained momentum for my business. I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT CDI. - Maureen Farmer, CHRP, CRS, Word Right Career & HR Consulting

    I am truly thankful for such a wonderful association. The first day I gained membership, I dove right into the web site and uncovered a tremendous amount of information worth the price of membership. The resources and support I have already received is invaluable. I am enjoying all CDI has to offer and the friendly, personable service. It has been more than worth it! - Jessica Sykes, Distinctive Resumes

    Through CDI I continue to learn and stay current on such a broad range of topics that would otherwise be nearly impossible to manage. Thank you! - Jeanne Hanks, Visual-Career-Guides.com

    I just want to thank you for ALL you do for us as CDI members... and for what you do for our industry as a whole! You are exceptional at what you do - and your energy and enthusiasm for LIFE is contagious. I am so grateful for this group and the connections and insight I've gained as a result of it. - Erin Cambier, Superior Career Solutions

    I wanted to let you know that in starting this business, joining CDI has been the single most valuable decision I made. Thanks for all of the support. It's a wonderful organization. - Ann M. Larson, The Interview Experience

    I am so glad I joined CDI as the benefits are incredible. I learn something new every day through the member's network. The daily collaboration and support everyone offers each other to reach success is truly remarkable. - Linda Panaro, Metacareers

    The TORI Awards have increased my client base dramatically. When I asked why they have selected my service they usually tell me that they want the best! - Jennifer Rushton, Keraijen

    I attended my first Career Fair yesterday. Several times during the three hours, I had 3 to 5 people crowded around the table. I collected resumes and booked follow-up appointments. I cannot wait until the next fair to do it again.

    I confess I joined Career Directors specifically to do these events. While I was cautiously optimistic about what would take place, the reality of the event far exceeded my expectations. I can't believe every Career Directors member is not clamoring to grab a chance to do this. Thank you again for making the Career Fair opportunities available as a benefit of the Career Directors membership. I will be a member for life! - Joel Quass, Good Management is Not, LLC

    As soon as I got off of the phone with you after our third coaching session, I increased my prices and revised my packages based on your suggestions. I got an inquiry that night, used your 3 step process and the client invested for double what I was charging! I am glad I invested in your services. I made that money back and then some! - Sally Calloway, The Career Coach

    I just wanted to say thank you for the recent Ultimate CDI Member Resource Guide to Success and Webinar. When I joined CDI, I was focused on doing one of the courses, and didn't really think about what else was available. In focusing on my business, I found this webinar extremely informative and helpful!- Betsy Shepard Reed, BSR Career Development

    Bonnie PowerCDI's resume mastery course has provided me with the distinctions of a high level resume writer.

    The course was easy to get through, and I especially found the audio useful.

    There are several assignments that have been well designed to assess competency and I felt supported the whole way through.

    This is the course for any resume writer who is interested in learning how to write a winning resume that will generate favourable results for their clients. After completing this course, your clients will get a better response from the resumes you write, and you can’t ask for any better than that!" - Bonnie Power, Executive Resume Writer, Melbourne Resumes

    Laura’s guidance has had more of an impact on growing my business than anyone else in the industry. As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue! I’ve now had clients invest as much as $800 in career services, and that’s in a small city with a 4% unemployment rate and where my previous competitors charged $75 (for a resume and cover letter). I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING! - Angie S. Jones, Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

    In the two weeks since the COIN class I have closed 60% of my consults with two more still pending – my best win ratio ever. Plus, I increased each of my quotes and captured bigger packages and larger sales with each, to the tune of nearly $9K. That also represents an all-time high, which includes my single biggest sale to date. Thank you for an exceptional return on my training investment in this CDI program!!! - Cheryl L. Simpson, Executive Resume Rescue

    Kristin JohnsonWhen I first decided to work toward my CARW designation, I felt a little lost. I had thought I was a good resume writer, but quickly found out that writing resumes is a very complex skill. I didn't know where to begin learning what I needed to know in order to pass my certification. I decided to take CDI's resume mastery course for some guidance. It was the best investment I could have made!

    The knowledge I have gained from Gayle's instruction has been invaluable. Gayle is a creative, knowledgeable writer and gives very detailed, thorough feedback. I was able to confidently write resumes that produce results for my clients right off the bat after getting certified. I wholeheartedly recommend her training to any resume writer who wants to sharpen his or her skills. - Kristin S. Johnson, Profession Direction

    I recently completed Laura's Mentor Program and I can't recommend it highly enough to every resume writer who wants to improve their skills! I've looked at TORI winning resumes with envy for a few years now … they are so beautifully written and presented; and whether or not I end up entering the competition one day, I really wanted to learn how to produce work of this calibre. Well, I got so much more than I could have hoped for - the individual attention I received from Laura has done more for my writing in just 3 sessions than I have gained in several years.

    What I particularly like about the program is that it is completely tailored to your individual needs - Laura has a knack of honing in on areas where improvements can be made and is so generous with her thoughts and ideas. She explained everything in great detail, provided examples and even sourced information on how I apply some styles to my resumes using a Mac.

    There are many programs and courses available to resume writers however how often can you get access to the top person and work one-on-one with them, with instructions and guidance tailored specifically to you?

    Laura's generosity knows no bounds, she is clearly passionate about the industry and genuinely wants to help people elevate themselves as writers. I am applying all that I learn't everyday in my writing and am presenting work to clients knowing that they are receiving a top notch product - it has done wonders for my confidence. In short, I easily would have paid double for this program - it is absolute gold in my opinion! - Michelle Lopez, One2One Resumes

    Kathleen AlexanderThe course has transformed the way I write resumes! I wasn’t expecting such personal attention and was pleasantly surprised by Gayle’s generosity with both her time and her feedback. - Kathleen Alexander, Clever Fox

    Laura's consulting services are a great resource for any business owner. She is encouraging, detailed, helpful, and provides a plethora of creative insights. Laura's experience and industry knowledge are immediately apparent. Even during our first session I was able to gain valuable tools that were immediately applied in my work. Laura is genuinely invested in her client's success, making her a valuable resource that I highly recommend. - Ruth Pankratz, Gabby Communications

    So, I've been doing this a long time, since well before any formalized certification or support 'groups' existed, learned all on my own (with Yana and Tom), sweated blood for many years working it all out, reinventing one wheel after another after another, always in solitude.

    And then I found you!

    You're like a genie sitting atop an open chest of gold saying, 'Come on in! Take some!' Because I started in this profession long ago, before you came along, I'll always be in awe of you (like I'll always be in awe of the Internet... and blow dryers ... and tv remote controls). Because I remember when those things didn't exist, and I know how much easier they, and you, have made life. I'm extremely appreciative of what you do. You turned a basically solitary profession into a fun, supportive, rich world of knowledge and comradeship. You're awesome! - Terrie Wilson

    I saw the list of TORI nominees in the CDI CareerBytes newsletter and discovered I’m among them! Thank you so much for your mentoring and coaching. I can't imagine that I would have come close without your help. I was so excited to see my name among the career professionals I admire, it actually took my breath away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - Jeri Hird Dutcher, Workwrite

    No one succeeds in business operating as an island.

    CDI is a very close knit, friendly and supportive group of professionals who often work together to build their businesses and share information. And that’s just the people! The plethora of learning opportunities, time tested business-building strategies, annual conferences that are so pivotal for attendees that you often hear them speak of the event months later, gold standard certifications and an amazing and well respected association director…and that is truly not even scratching the surface.

    There is no better way to learn and grow in your career services business then by allowing yourself the investment of being a part of a top association like CDI. I have been a member for seven years, and each year I learn more and get more involved. CDI truly feels like an extension of my business. It’s a world-class association with a big heart. You will be so glad you made the decision to join. - Mary Elizabeth Bradford, The Career Artisan

    schuler_photoWhat an amazing call with Eric Enge for the Tactical Biz-Tech Buzz series!

    I was a little concerned it would be way over my head and full of tech babble. Instead I got great nuggets of real world bottom line information in an area that can be totally overwhelming. Eric gave generously of tools and examples in a way that even the non-technical could understand (I’m proof.). Yet, he also dived deep when a listener question merited it.

    If CDI were charging $50 or even $90 for these calls, my partner and I would have had half a dozen action items/tools, each of which would have been worth the fee. I know it was a really full call and it was clear people were taking a lot of value. - Pat Schuler, Creator of KickButt Sales Training™

    Thank you for putting together the series of free teleclasses on many pertinent topics for members. This is exactly the kind of activity I think true learning organizations should be supporting. It gives members the benefit of others’ expertise and visibility to those doing the presentations. - Kate Duttro, D.Ed.

    CDI is such a rich organization in terms of resources, collaboration and expertise. I have been doing this work for many years and have belonged to many groups but this is exceptional. Thank you. - Rita Carey, Ed.D., RCM Associates

    You've done a fantastic job in bringing CDI to the forefront of our industry. I think we (especially the old-timers) really love your down-to-earth yet very professional approach...a method of working with the members that's been lost by many of the other groups. I now regret having held out until now to join, but so glad that I'm now a member of the CDI family. - Dee, Duff, Document Developers

    After winning CDI’s World’s Best Resume Writer Award my business has simply exploded. There's no other way to describe it. To field all of this new business, we’re taking on more and more hyper-competent writers, many through recommendations from CDI’s President, Laura DeCarlo. My wife said it best as she peered over my shoulder at my ballooning email box: 'Laura DeCarlo is definitely THE go-to person.' Yup. Many thanks to Laura and CDI for giving me the opportunity to showcase my business as a top-tier organization, and for supporting its subsequent and rapid growth. Now I get the whole superhero thing with the logo. - Cliff Flamer, BrightSide Resumes

    I wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful opportunities provided through CDI. This last year I have gained more exposure through the free job fair booth opportunities. I am very grateful to be guaranteed a place there to critique resumes provided by CDI. I have accessed the expertise of the many associates through e-chat. I have been challenged to become more professional as I learn how others operate their businesses. I have grown in knowledge as a contributing member of the CDI Research board. I am just beginning to mine the many resources on the CDI website. To be able to contact the many qualified associates is invaluable. - Judy Ware, Resumes for Careers

    Reading the CDI elist, I have to say that you really do a great job of supporting your CDI members! I think it is why CDI is such a hit and why those that are a part of it become such fans – people know that it is more than just a business and that there is genuine support. - Kris Plantrich, ResumeWonders.com

    I am TOTALLY impressed; I’m a member of other groups and NOT ONE offers the online resources that CDI provides. - Winifred A. Winston, CPRW, The Career Center, University of Baltimore

    CDI represents the best intersection between best practices in the careers industry and member support. As a CDI member, I have access to a wealth of resources that are hard to duplicate in any other professional careers association. I have recommended CDI to many of my business associates, and will continue to do so. - Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

    I just wanted to say that even though I have only been a member for a week or so I am VERY pleased with the group already. There is a great cohesiveness here and everyone works together for the benefit of the each other, there really isn’t that each man for himself mentality and I love that. In addition, the resources and information you supply is amazing. - Jessica Holbrook, Great Resumes Fast

    I joined CDI two short months ago after much prompting from a colleague. I decided to take the CEIC course. I have taken three modules and I can already see the face of my business changing! I am stunned beyond belief! I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks bring and to those who are sitting on the fence, I say, 'Get off already, and join. Things can only get better!' - Patti Rock, Hoff Resumes & Career Counseling Services

    Tony DeblauweI need information I can use quickly and reliably. Between all the professional e-newsletters I subscribe to, I actually look forward to CDI CareerBytes. In every issue I know I will find something I can put into practice right away, or explore topics I can research further or discuss within the CDI community. CDI CareerBytes provides the feature rich content I need to help me be a better practitioner. Thanks CDI! - Tony Deblauwe HR4Change

    Since I'm still building my business, I've been availing myself of the marketing articles on the CDI website and it's a goldmine of information that is on point and essential. - Darlene Craven, Trailblazing Career Services

    I have spent at least two hours reviewing the CDI website and downloading materials for use with my practice. I must admit, I've been impressed with CDI from the moment I received access to the Members section of the website! My CDI membership dues was the best investment I've made for my business to date! I'm SO GLAD I joined CDI!! - Cheryl Haynes, Effective Engagement Career Solutions

    Barbara SafaniCDI provides leading-edge career-related resources that consistently add value and credibility to the career professional’s toolbox. The member-driven client newsletter, best-in-class publishing opportunities, top-notch industry awards, and useful links to business-related resources are defining membership benefits that make CDI an industry leader. - Barbara Safani, Career Solvers

    The CEIC program was the most concise, broad-reaching interview instruction manual I have ever seen. It goes beyond teaching the client to ‘tell me about yourself’ and hits strategies and ideas that can be applied across the board to most clients. I began implementing the ideas into my practice immediately. - Kimberly Schneiderman, City Career Services

    My membership in CDI has definitely worth the investment and then some. The vast and continually expanding resources are invaluable; the certifications confirm CDI’s commitment to maintaining a benchmark within the industry; and the support and camaraderie among all the members, (who are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences), is outstanding and always appreciated. - Annemarie Cross, Advanced Employment Concepts

    I have only begun reading this study (Career Industry Mega Trends), but I have gotten my annual membership fee right here. This is amazing! Thank you!! Erin Kennedy, Professional Resume Services

    I started reading the Mega Trends Research report and couldn't put it down! What an invaluable read it turned out to be. There is so much great information on current hot topics in the industry that I have already put into immediate use within my practice. I absolutely loved the information on the latest interviewing trends. In fact I pretty much loved all of it! I know this is going to be something that I will keep referring to as a professional resource. Jill Kelly, Career Edge

    Since the conference I find myself up and at ''em each morning with exciting new ideas of how to move JobRockit to the next level! I truly believe that the people I connected with at this conference will create a turning point in my life! It's hard to explain, but there's one thing I have learned *for certain* in this industry: we do not get to the Top ... alone. - Sharon Williams, JobRockit.com

    Laura LabovichWhen I first joined CDI, I was a newbie to the careers community. The organization was buzzing! I knew that I wanted to get involved and become an insider and FAST! I decided to join the Research Committee, and it turned out to be the best decision I could have possibly made for my career at the time. I have joined so much both personally and professionally since joining my first committee. - Laura Labovich, The Career Strategy Group

    Gayle HowardI am convinced beyond any doubt that my CMRW has strengthened my reputation in the eyes of my clients. By promoting my expertise with my CMRW, I am able to command increasingly higher prices and I am in the enviable position of being able to choose who I want to work with. Additionally, the CMRW has most certainly elevated my reputation in the industry amongst my peers.

    Anyone who has aspirations to command more dollars and is keen to build on his or her expertise should simply bite the bullet and do it. Some associations only have one credential — that’s not for me! My business branding is all about striving for excellence. – Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing

    I am so excited about all of the amazing tools I learned about through the OJSRM certification modules! I am still having fun picking new ones to explore further each day.

    CDI really has fantastic programs and they are no joke--you have to work hard for CDI credentials! But, you truly learn so much in the process. OJSRM is my first CDI certification, but I hope it's not the last--there are so many more amazing programs that I want to do! - Dr. Colleen Georges, Colleen's Career Creations

    The best thing about the Online Job Search certification course is that I have been able to apply the material immediately and on a daily basis with my students/clients.

    The course takes you through every aspect of the internet search process and truly coaches the coach on how to teach clients to network and market themselves strategically.

    The developers did a great job using research from experts in the field; it is evident that CDI puts massive amounts of energy into their coursework to ensure a quality result and practical usage. - Erin Meenan, Champlain College

    This organization is on the cutting edge of the careers industry. As a professional resume writer and job search coach, I have NO reason whatsoever to go to any other association to gain a credential. CDI is all I need to position myself as a highly sought-after professional in my field. I am fortunate to be a part of this top-notch membership. - Darlene Dassy, Dynamic Resume Solutions

    I am tremendously awed and grateful for the contributions you have made to this industry and to my own work/business. I can't imagine how many resume writers have thriving businesses (and happy lives!!) because of the work you have diligently done over the years...and how many job seekers have catapulted their way into lucrative dream-jobs and careers because of the work you have inspired.

    I didn't know until recently that you have shapeshifted this industry while navigating your own health issues at the same time. This adds to the incredibleness of your accomplishments (you've done it all standing up!? Hurting?! Woman, you're amazing).

    I hope you know the impact you have made to people like me." - EN

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