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    Member Strategy Call + Path to Keep Momentum

    New Year Goals for SuccessAre you ready to start hitting all your goals with grace, passion, power, and profit?

    Then you MUST make time to listen to this recording!

    During this recording of a live CDI member event held earlier this year, I applied our Fly Higher Tribe model to give participants high-action solutions to their pressing issues. There were some power-packed topics covered that I coached around. Members asked their questions and we rocked them with links to CDI member resources, tools, strategies, and the steps needed to reach greater heights.

    I promised three things, which you will find on this page:

    1. Coaching and content around the questions asked during the call (see recording below).
    2. Links to CDI resources for the topics discussed for a more in-depth how-to approach (again, they are below).
    3. Opportunity to join the Fly Higher Tribe at a 50% discount. (Enter code TRIBE20 at checkout to lower rate to just $25/month). Cancel at any time. Special ends Fri, 9/18/2020.

    Don’t wait as our next live call is THIS WEDNESDAY at 12 PM Eastern. When you join, you can start gaining ROI immediately!

    Session Topics & Audio Recording

    The topics we covered in this strategy coaching call included:

    • Tools for screen sharing with clients for webinars, teleclasses, and client consultations.
    • Highlights of the client consultation process that has a 94-97% close rate.
    • When and how to talk about service pricing and how to close the sale.
    • Highlights of packaging methodology to make clients feel you aren’t just trying to make the “biggest sale possible” while still giving them what they need to be successful.
    • How to price a la carte services so you don’t lose money when packaging.
    • What to do when a prospect says they have to think about it.
    • Understanding who (client type and level) needs a complete package solution and recognizing it is usually your beliefs that block you from offering the right level.
    • Training clients to give you solid, metrics-driven testimonials.
    • Ways to update a fluffy testimonial with stronger metrics-focused details.
    • Direction to CDI resource for life and career success that covers breaking down big goals into small, manageable steps; implementing a gratitude process; identifying lost time in your schedule to reclaim it; and more.
    • Focus on the importance of celebrating small wins and steps in order to avoid burnout, disenchantment, or quitting.

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    Learn key strategies that can help you up your per-client sales, save hours each week, reclaim your life, and meet your big goals without making sacrifices.

    Access the last three coaching call recordings (listen online + MP3 download) for all the best of strategies, solutions, and success covering just about every business-boosting topic or problem you can imagine.

    Grab our member badge to show your prospects, clients, and colleagues that you are committed to Flying Higher.

    Bonus: Annual Tribe member networking calls are held periodically. When you join, you can access the last recording and share your introduction in the Facebook group. This is great for building partnerships, referral relationships, finding subcontracting opportunities, and more.

    Join Tribe $25/month (cancel at any time).

    Supporting Member Resources

    These are the resources I referred to that support our call today:

    Ultimate CDI Member Resource Guide to Success >> (14 pages with links to every topic members frequently ask for help on)

    6-Figure Blueprint for Consulting, Sales, Packaging & Closing >> (I specifically referred to the 2-part system you will find under the category of Core Process for your sales consultations)

    Get Targeted Testimonials to Easily Close Sales & Boost Your Business (Core Lesson) >>

    Easily Get Testimonials That Close Sales on Your Website (Video Tip) >>

    10 Steps to a Competitive Edge in Your Life and Career (1 of 10) >>

    Successfully Navigate “How much does it cost?” to Close More Sales (Video Tip) >>

    Is Your Perception Lowering Your Profits? (Video Tip & Lesson) >>

    What to Do When Your Prospect Needs to Think About It (Video Tip) >>

    Easy Steps to Finding Time to Meet Your Big Goals (Video Tip) >>

    Packaging Sweet Spot for Resume Writers & Career Coaches (Video Tip) >>

    What You Focus on IS What You Will Sell (Video Tip) >>

    Stop Selling What Your Clients Ask For (Video Tip) >>

    How to Share Quotes that Close Resume Writing & Coaching Sales (Video Tip) >>

    Use Show & Tell to Up Close Rates on Resume & Career Service Sales (Video Tip) >>

    Tips to Avoid Burnout for Career Industry Entrepreneurs (Video Tip) >>

    It’s Process Not Price that Closes Career Service Sales (Video Tip) >>


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