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    Member Virtual Networking Lunch (2023 Date Announced)

    CDI Networking Lunch Event Results ImageOur first-ever virtual member networking lunch was a resounding success in its ability to do what we promised:

    1. Provide time to connect, reflect, and aspire.
    2. Foster small, safe interactions where you learn to ask better success questions for client engagements by growing through answering them yourself.
    3. Meet fellow members to create new friendships and connections.
    4. Chance to have fun, lower stress, slow down, nourish your soul, strengthen your coach muscle (even if only for your own self-growth), build new relationships, create accountability, and achieve greater success overall.

    What we did: 

    • Participated in a fast-paced initial connect activity to break the ice.
    • Explored powerful coaching questions for self-inquiry, sharing, and for future use with your clients.
    • Engaged in a total of four different paired interview networking sessions to build connections.
    • Jammed to some inspiring music.
    • Encouraged sharing of contact information.
    • Explored ways to connect further within CDI, including use of the member forum, Facebook group, and attendance at our January virtual member events.

    Attendees rated the event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 9.42/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • Survey respondents agreed that 9.57/10 they would recommend the event to members.
    • 100% of survey attendees (85% strongly agreed and 15% agreed) that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.

    Attendees described the event as:

    CDI Networking Lunch 12-13-2022
    Attendees liked most about the event:

    • Meeting global peers and amazing members within the industry.
    • Learning so much in such a short time.
    • The camaraderie and the friendliness.
    • Conversing with a TORI Winner!!!
    • Getting advice for my business.
    • Connecting, learning stories, and finding folks on LinkedIn.
    • Learning about who other people LOVE to serve.
    • Opportunity to re-think what my attention should be on…
    • Getting to know others…meet with them face to face.

    Join Us for the Next Virtual Member Networking Lunch

    CDI Networking EventDate & Time: Tues, 2/21/2023 at 12-1:30 PM Eastern

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