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    How to Publish Your Book or E-book (Audio Masterclass)

    Publishing Your Book: Working with Publishers & Self Publishing - Audio Program

    This master class covers self-publishing and working with publishers to put out your first book.

    Key topics:

    1. Traditional publishing houses
    2. On-demand publishing and self-publishing
    3. E-book publishing
    4. Other ways to see yourself in print

    Expert guests:

    • Amy L. Adler of Inscribe Express. Amy previously worked in acquisition and book production for a traditional publisher.
    • Michelle Riklan of Riklan Resources and Self-Improvement Online, a compilation book publisher.
    • Laura DeCarlo of CDI. Laura has used self-publishing, POD publishing, and worked with a publisher to launch job search and interviewing books.

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    Bonus Materials:  

    1. Link: An Incomplete Guide to POD Publishers – helpful chart by Clea Saal provides a comparison of POD Publishers. 

    2. Free e-book: Create Your Own E-book Without Ever Writing a Word! by David Riklan (courtesy of Michelle Riklan and www.SelfGrowth.com)

    3. Free report: POD Report – comprehensive report on Print on Demand publishing options (courtesy of Michelle Riklan and www.SelfGrowth.com).


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