Expert Audio Career Tips

The International committee is proud to unveil our 3-minute Audio Expert Tips! Join CDI career professionals from around the world to learn more about topics such as:

  • Resume Writing
  • Job Search
  • International Employment

IMPORTANT AUDIO NOTE: It can take up to 20 seconds for the audio players below to load.

Audrey Prenzel


Canada – Worldwide

Selecting Professional References

Military to Civilian Transition Resumes

Elements of Canadian Resumes

Carolyn Broomfield


Austria – Worldwide

Fundamentals of Australian Resumes

Gillian Kelly


Australia – Worldwide

Resumes for Six Figure Professions

Reinvent Yourself Following Redundancy

Debra Mills


Scotland – Worldwide

Converting a US Resume to a UK CV

Kathleen Alexander


Australia – Worldwide

Succeeding at Behavioral Interviews

Personal Branding for Resumes

Laura DeCarlo


United States

Are Resume Objectives Dead?

Don’t Settle for the Salary Offer

Topic List

Resume Writing

Job Search & Career Management

Interviewing & Negotiation

International Employment

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