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    The Job Search Move Guaranteed to Get an Employer’s Attention

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    The hardest part of getting to an interview is being seen.

    Employers are busy. If a position is advertised their email box is flooding over.   If the position isn’t advertised and you are approaching them cold, they have a million things demanding their time and you are NOT on their priority list.

    The secret to capturing an employer’s attention is to start by finding their hot spots. Modern psychology tells us that it’s human nature to be motivated to either move away from pain, or move toward reward.  You want to help them do both.

    Start by finding their business points of pain and discussing how you can alleviate them.

    Every workplace has its challenges. If you are a production manager it’s the fear of the production lines going down, and millions of dollars being lost every minute that the lines stand idle. If you are a Maintenance Technician this is your attention getter.

    How can you use this pain to your advantage? In your letter you could open with:

    Dear Employer,

    Production downtime removes millions each year from plastic manufacturers’ bottomlines. In my last position with Acme Plastics I designed maintenance processes that cut their production downtime from twelve days a year to less than one. I’m currently exploring new opportunities and on the chance you may have an interest in adding a maintenance technician to your team, I’d like to offer my resume for your consideration.

    In your resume you could lead your opener with:

    Experienced Maintenance Technician with more than ten years of achievement reducing production downtime for leading plastic manufacturers.

    In your interview you could highlight in discussion how when you started:

    The company was experiencing a lot of frustration with its older machinery breaking down regularly. To improve this you introduced new fortnightly discussions with production operators that identified potential machinery issues on the line ahead of time. Through doing this the team was able to resolve issues before they broke down which cut downtime from twelve days a year to less than one day.

    Even your referees can help highlight your value as a potential solution. You could ask your referees to write or speak about your successes assisting them to reduce lost time on the production line and how nightmare machinery problems became weeks of incident-free production.

    Don’t forget, it’s equally important to not only show how you can help them avoid problems but also how you can bring benefit to their business so don’t forget to add in statements that show the value you can bring to them as well.

    Remember: first get their attention, then win their respect.

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