How HR Processes Incoming Resumes

By MeLisa Roger, Ultimate Career / Insyte Solutions

Two key questions often asked by job seekers are, “I thought I was supposed to go directly to the HR Manager but I never got called, so what happened to my resume?” or “I submitted my resume weeks ago and never got called, so are HR managers there to hurt or help the job seeker?” There is a rule of thumb that exists which is: an HR Manager will give a resume only 30 seconds of attention – it’s actually more like 10 SECONDS! When positions are posted on the internet and in major media publications, there are literally hundreds of résumés that are submitted for only one position. Even if the sole responsibility of the person reviewing the resume is recruiting, no one has this kind of time! Therefore, it is extremely important to have an OUTSTANDING personal career marketing tool – which is of course, the resume. Gleaned from my own fifteen years of HR management experience, the following 12 – step summary is an overview of the process that a typical HR Manager will go through when reviewing resumes for professional positions within their organization.

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