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    Coaching Strategies for Resume Writers + Helpful Client Control Tips (Video)

    Coaching Strategies for Resume Writers On-Demand Video Lesson

    When we named this session Coaching Strategies for Resume Writers, I had NO IDEA how much great content would come out of this for entrepreneurs, coaches, and anyone who sells or needs to control customers!

    In this lively and empowering presentation you should watch if:

    • You’re giving stuff away for free or discounting when you shouldn’t/wish you hadn’t.
    • You don’t know how to get clients to stop venting, being negative, or to simply stay on topic.
    • You want to get motivated and pass it along through modeling for clients.
    • And of course, you want to tap into some practical coaching strategies to add to your resume writing to put clients at ease, gain unexpected insights from them to add to their resume, and help them give you the right information so they can take the next right step.

    Lots of great stuff to add value to your resume writing packages or simply your client processes.

    Ari Shaffer headshotAbout Aricia:

    Ari Shaffer is an author, psychotherapist, and career coach. She specializes in helping clients living with special challenges – particularly those living with mental health disabilities but also older workers and full time parents starting back to work. She provides an 8 week class for career seekers as well as 1:1 coaching. A long time member of CDI, she’s served on the board, worked as a mentor, and been part of various committees. You can learn more about her at ariciashaffer.com.

    Get ready to add coaching strategies to your resume writing!

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