The Job Seeker’s Mindset: Challenging Clients

By Aricia E. LaFrance, MSE, CCC, CPRC

We’ve all had those clients who contact us for some help and within five minutes we have serious reservations as to whether or not we can help them. They may have great credentials. Their education may be exceptional. There are no gaps in their resume and everything is in perfect order. And yet, when you start to talk with them you get a feeling – and you know employers will get that feeling too.

These clients often report working with a number of different professionals as well as not being happy with said professionals. Their comments are negative and judgmental, their troubles are someone else’s fault and they tend to take things personally. Most career professionals dread these clients because it’s difficult to address mindset and you know that if you don’t help them address it, they will likely fail miserably.

When I run into one of these clients, I tend to address things gently and quickly. Most of my clients believe that the first step in their job search is to put together a resume. I have a few tricks of the trade to make the resume assembly fun but before we can do that, I explain to them that the real first step is assessing mind-set.

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