CDI’s Career Pro Theme Song

As part of our 2015 conference Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live for resume and career professionals we hosted a Career Pro Theme Song contest. The top five were listed for public and member voting, and the winner has been selected!

The winning song will be sung live by CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, at the conference (which will be entertaining as she is not a singer), and then performed in a group sing-along (which will be great fun and drown out Laura). Both performances will be taped and shared here on the website and CDI’s YouTube channel. The winning author has received the option of a year of free CDI membership or a $250 discount on 2015 conference registration.

CDI’s new Theme Song:

They Got the Job

Based on the original song: We Got the Beat by The Go-Gos

Written by CDI Career Superhero Lisa Parker of Parker-CPRW 

When the phone rings, its’ just another call
Oh help me please cause I’m up against a wall
Then I hear – the thing I didn’t know
It happens all the time….

They got the job
They got the job
They got the job
Yeah, but I closed the deal!

All the layoffs keep me on my toes
Day and night, contemplating woes
I strategize – just to start another day
Live my life just to cheer and say

He got the job
She got the job
They got the job
Yeah, but I paved the way!

Making money keeps me in the groove
CDI keeps me hip on all the latest news
As super heroes – we rock the world to prove
That we’re the best of all the rest

‘Cause we get the jobs
They get the Jobs
We get the Jobs
Yeah, we rock it!

We get the jobs
They get the jobs
We get the jobs

Everybody get on your feet
We get the jobs

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