The Multiple Benefits of Career Assessments

By Susan Guarneri

The Internet is teeming with career assessments and links to articles and websites dealing with career assessments; in fact, a Google search of the term “career assessments” yields 60,000-plus hits! With this much information readily available instantly on the Internet, not to mention print information, it can be extremely confusing and daunting for career professionals and the general public alike to consider which career assessments to use and when. Like a deer in oncoming headlights, the default position for many is simply to “freeze” and not take any action to learn more.

That’s a shame given the benefits career assessments for people in career and life transitions, as well as the career professionals who help them, like career coaches, executive coaches, retirement coaches, and bio and resume writers. Let’s look at some of the benefits of career assessments for both clients and coaches.

Clients’ Benefits

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Resume Writers and Career Coaches

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