Recruiters, Clients and Resumes: Avoiding Angst…

By Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing

Two things happened recently that prompted me to write this article. The first, was an issue on the CDI e-list where a member was distressed by a client’s over-reaction to criticism he received of his new resume completed just days before. The second was a Dr Phil show I caught during lunch that dissected disputes and arguments-many of them caused when one person’s expectations were not being anticipated or met.

For instance a couple may quarrel over a holiday destination-he has his heart set on a camping trip, while she thought they were going to a five-star resort. Her expectations of lying back and drinking Mai Tais by the pool have been replaced with a spade and a roll of toilet paper. The breakdown comes when expectations are not communicated from the outset. If neither person knows of, or has an inkling of, the other’s expectations or desires, then the “situation” when it appears comes as a shock-a revelation causing disappointment that quickly turns to anger.

What became clear to me with these two instances is how we, as resume writers need to manage our client’s expectations to avoid disputes, disappointments and miscommunications.

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Gayle Howard is President of Top Margin Career Marketing and is CDI’s Director of Certifications. She can be contacted at gayle@nullgaylehoward.com.