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    12 Coaches Share How to Reduce Stress and Stay Positive in Your Job Search

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    Techniques and Tools to Stay Calm and Positive

    In a job search, it’s important to your mental health and how you show up to prospective employers and recruiters that you reduce stress and stay calm and positive.

    However, few things are as anxiety inducing then a job search and the uncertainty that goes along with it.  You need to be able to make choices from a position of power and sell yourself for the right role!

    Mindset and strategy are everything when it comes to finding a job, so CDI’s education committee has reached out to get you strategies and tools by asking our global membership of career coaches and resume writers:

    As a coach, how do you help your clients cope with the stress and anxiety of a job search?

    In this article they share their thoughts on:

    • Acknowledging and managing emotions around uncertainty.
    • Mindfulness exercises for managing fear and anxiety.
    • Tips for setting and maintaining a positive mindset.

    Athena Ali“Firstly, I acknowledge the feelings or emotions. It’s ok to be nervous or scared. To overcome these feelings and emotions, I do two things: 1) deep breathing; and 2) a lesser known, proven, and evidence backed approach called the Emotional Freedom Technique, more commonly referred to as Tapping. You start by acknowledging and accepting how you feel. I find this significantly reduces anxiety and stress to a point that it disappears once you finish. It’s a godsend!”

    – Athena Ali, The Get Noticed Coach

    Clair Levy

    “When it comes to job searching, it’s essential to remember that external circumstances are often beyond our control. However, there is one thing that you can control, and that’s yourself. By being proactive in your job search, and taking steps to build an amazing resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and more, you’re already one step ahead of the competition.

    But to truly get your message out and land that dream job, you need to be strategic and persistent. One powerful tactic is to reach out to people who work at companies you’re interested in, and ask them questions about their experiences. This not only helps you learn more about the company and the job, but also puts you on their radar and helps you build valuable connections.

    And if you’re still struggling to find the right job, despite doing everything right, it may be time to seek the help of a professional certified resume writer or career coach. These experts can help you identify potential roadblocks and develop a customized strategy to help you land the job of your dreams. So don’t give up – with the right mindset and the right support, you can achieve your career goals and build a successful future for yourself.”

    – Clair Levy, Precision Resumes Solutions

    Tim Cunninham“Deep yawns coupled with taking a step to actively market themselves or increase their marketability.”

    – Tim Cunningham, Fast & Focused Resume Service

    Betsy Shephard Reed“Set up a call with someone with whom you’ve worked closely to talk through your goals, and ask them what they see as your super powers. Once we’re searching in isolation, the echo chamber of doubt can get loud. Having informed input from others can bolster our self-image.”

    – Betsy Shepard Reed, BSR Career Development

    Debbie Marshall headshot

    “I encourage my clients to “trust the process” and know that what they are experiencing is normal and expected. The job search is a marathon, not a sprint. If they are persistent, stay positive, and follow the guidance they are offered, they will get results.”

    – Debbie Marshall, Thrive Consulting

    Darleen Ghirardi“Heart-focused breathing is a technique that grounds us and calms our fears and doubts.”

    – Darleen Ghirardi, On contract with BetterUp

    Myriam-Rose Kohn

    “Breathe in for five seconds, breathe out for five seconds. Repeat at least three times; five times is better.”

    – Myriam-Rose Kohn, Reimagine Your Career

    Gina Christiano“It is important to recognize when it is time to take some time for yourself to reduce your anxiety and fear. Activities such as exercising, reading a book, or even simply taking a break can help to soothe and relax your mind and body.”

    – Gina Christiano, GC Career Consulting

    Cheryl Harland Muller“I encourage job seekers to view the job search as an opportunity to find their dream job. I also encourage them to go on as many interviews as possible, even if they are not interested in the position. This builds confidence in themselves and their interviewing techniques. If they have been let go by a company, I encourage them to reframe the situation as an opportunity to find a position where they will be appreciated for their contributions.”

    – Cheryl Harland Muller, Resumes by Design

    Angela Watts headshot“Sometimes we all need a reminder about our strengths and what we have to offer. Reviewing your list of career accomplishments, a kudos file or speaking with a colleague who lifts you up, can bring the energy and encouragement needed to press on in tough moments.”

    – Angela Watts, MyPro Resumes & Recruiting

    “I’ve found that running is a great source of mental clarity. Running provides many benefits for your body and mind and it can help you gain the brain chemistry and mental clarity to lift yourself out of your fog. Running can also reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.”

    – Renzo Maurtua-Neumann, Area CV

    Laura DeCarlo

    “I have three favorites:

    First, it’s crucial to cultivate an attitude of gratitude! You can stay positive through this stressful process by carving out time to do a simple gratitude practice each morning. I like to do it while brushing my teeth or showering since it’s quiet, private time. Just ask yourself, “What/who am I grateful for? Why am I grateful for it/them? How does that make me feel?” Try to find at least three things each morning to be grateful for and you’ll strengthen this muscle and be surprised at how much more positively you begin to look at everything.

    Second, visualization techniques are incredibly powerful in helping you overcome fear, stress and anxiety. For instance, if you’re completely stressed about interviewing you should not only prepare but you should spend 15 minutes each night envisioning being a rockstar in your next job interview. Get as specific and clear as possible as your brain can’t tell the difference between thoughts and reality. You will believe you are great at interviewing. Couple that with actually practicing answers to questions and you will calm those fears and do great.

    Third, flip the script. Too often we judge ourselves and our abilities negatively. You may have made a mistake and then you start beating yourself up. It doesn’t have to be that way. Spend 10-30 minutes each evening reviewing your day. Look at the things you did right and celebrate them. Look at the things you perceive as wrong and instead of kicking yourself over it, see what you can learn from it and do differently the next time. It’s just thoughts and beliefs holding you back, and you can overcome them.”

    – Laura DeCarlo, President @ Career Directors International

    What This Means for Your Job Search

    Even though uncertainty around a job search involves some variables that we can’t control like the economy or job market stability, we can help our clients to shift their mindset and take proactive steps to preserve their mental health. Guiding clients in applying a mindful approach to their job search establishes a sense of focus that can help job seekers to remain calm and in the moment.

    Coaching our clients on the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset and mental health throughout the job search. Repeated rejections and a job search that takes longer than originally anticipated can really take a toll on your mood and motivation. Preparing our clients in advance with a plan, tools, and coping strategies can help them move through the journey with more confidence as they search for their dream job.

    Need help taking this important step?

    CDI is a global professional association of the industry’s top resume writers, career coaches and other career professionals. Our robust directory will let you search for the perfect practitioner to make your successful transition. Each of the participating professionals featured in this post can be reached via their links or by searching the directory.

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    Special thanks to Kimberly Ben of Top Resume Writing & Career Services for curating these tips.

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