Assessment Tools and Resources (Websites)

The following websites cover a lot of ground regarding career assessment resources you might need. Note that most resources are free but some have a small fee. The following list has been provided by CDI members and does not constitute an endorsement by CDI. Use at your own risk. Report broken links to info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

NOTE: Many of the assessments on this page, being free or low cost, may not be what you are ultimately seeking for a confused career change client. Most popular tools are MBTI, DISC, and other professional assessments that have a few involved.

Special thanks to Susan Guarneri of www.AssessmentGoddess.com for providing several links on this page. She also offers a certification in assessments for career professionals. 

Don’t forget to visit CDI’s B2B Service Providers for special offers on assessment tools.

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