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    Interview Pocket RX

    Great Client Tool, Wholesale Priced

    Interview RX CoverINTERVIEW POCKET RX, by Laura DeCarlo, is a color-coded, pocket-sized reference (measures only 4.5" x 5.5") that provides your clients with the following One-Minute Solutions to ace their interviews.

    Topics include: 

    • Company Research RX
    • Attire RX
    • Arrival RX
    • What to Bring RX
    • Employer Expectations RX
    • Answering Questions RX
    • Presentations RX
    • Illegal Questions RX
    • What to Ask RX
    • Personality Tests RX
    • Identifying the Interview Type RX
    • Salary RX.

    Why choose Interview Pocket RX?

    Wholesales to CDI members as low as $4.00 per copy (3.75-4.95 depending on order volume). Retails for $9.95.

    It's the only guide that gives job seekers instant access to need-to-know NOW information for every aspect of the interview and salary negotiation process.

    It discreetly slips into a pocket, purse, notebook or briefcase for instant access.

    Its small size makes it conveniently available whenever it is needed -- on the train, in the car...even at the last second while waiting to be called into an interview.

    It fits into a busy lifestyle by providing just what job seekers needs to know in a brief and entertaining format.

    It ensures job seekers get the EDGE in the interview!

    Sample Pages


    • $4.95 for 1-50 copies
    • $4.50 for 51-100 copies
    • $4.00 for 101-225 copies
    • $3.75 for 226+ copies

    Contact CDI at info@nullcareerdirectors.com for a quote with shipping.

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