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    Distinctive Resume Templates

    Premium MS Word Resume Templates Designed by a Professional Resume Writer for Professional Resume Writers

    Create Eye-Catching, ATS-Friendly Resumes with Speed & Ease

    Great resumes always begin with GREAT content! And I am confident that as a member of CDI, you are creating GREAT, compelling content for your clients.

    The problem is that the best-written, most persuasive, compelling resume content in the world won’t get results for your client if nobody reads it.

    How the resumes you write look and the way they are constructed matters! It matters a great deal!

    Your clients NEED resumes that stand out and capture attention while performing well in applicant tracking systems (ATS). But creating a resume that is both eye-catching and ATS-friendly is downright daunting!

    The Solution: Distinctive Resume Templates

    As a professional resume writer myself, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, I know you are cringing at the word “templates.” But please hear me out. Using resume templates in my own resume-writing practice has positively impacted my business more than any other business decision I’ve made.

    No template can write the resume content for you. That is YOUR expertise.

    But Distinctive Resume Templates CAN make it fast and easy for you to transform that expertly written content into an attention-getting, eye-catching, ATS-friendly masterpiece.

    These professionally designed, real-world-tested resume templates will help you work quickly and efficiently, consistently delivering top-quality, eye-catching resumes that will get results for your clients. They are perfect for:

    • Resume writers
    • Career coaches
    • Employment counselors
    • Recruiters
    • And anyone else who works with job seekers

    The best part? Designed as premium Microsoft Word templates, they are incredibly easy to use and customize in Word. You can add or remove sections and pages, swap sections around, rename sections…whatever you need. You can even change the entire color scheme with just two mouse clicks.

    THE RESULT: your ability to deliver completely unique, custom-designed resumes tailored to your individual clients. Nobody will ever even know the design came from a template!

    I invite you to try one of our templates for FREE.
    Just visit our website: https://www.distinctiveresumetemplates.com/

    Choose the template you like the best and use the coupon code CDI-FREE at checkout.

    It is that simple. Once you try one and see how easy the templates are to use, I know you’ll be back for more!

    We have resume templates for every client, student to C-suite executive, and every real-world situation your clients bring to you, including career changers.

    Optional matching document templates, such as letterheads, resume addendums, biographies, and references, are offered for each resume template.

    Please try one out today! And don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your questions, comments, or even your requests for specific templates. I am here for you!

    Questions, comments, or special requests: info@nulldistinctiveresumetemplates.com

    Reviews from professional resume writers:

    I was a little hesitant at first because I thought the templates might be too rigid or generic. In actuality, they are incredibly flexible and easy to play around with. I can customize any template with my client’s favorite colors in just two clicks—which means they never look exactly the same, even if I use them for multiple clients. Using the templates means I can just do what I do best—write—and then plug the text right into the appropriate section. It saves me literal HOURS of work and hassle… My clients are completely thrilled with the unique, modern design of their resume, and I’m thrilled that I'm saving time and don’t have to learn graphic design!”

    I train and mentor many excellent resume writers who have mastered the art of crafting highly effective resume content, but who lack the basic MS Word skills to create eye-catching, ATS compatible and uniquely branded documents. Distinctive Templates are the perfect solution for easily transforming well-written content into works of art that capture attention, generate interest, and motivate the recipient to read every word.”

    I love Michelle’s resume templates! The designs are eye-catching and easy to use. I highly recommend these templates for anyone who finds that designing a creative, contemporary formatted resume is a challenge. They’re a huge time-saver.”

    I used the “Pivot” template to create a combination functional/chronological resume for my first big client. Her words when she saw the finished product: “THIS IS AMAZING!””

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