Write Better Resumes in Seconds: Fixing Terror Errors (Core Lesson)

Struggling_computerResume writing — in the form of the personal marketing, branding, and strategy that resume writers perform — is fraught with just as many opportunities to hurt a job seeker as it is to make them shine in the eyes of prospective employers.

In fact, the errors can seem miniscule — you’ve followed standard protocol for listing jobs in reverse chronological order or you’ve been inconsistent with your serial commas — big or small, who your candidate is and what their job target is can turn a molehill into a looming treacherous mountain for your client. Further, this can hurt you in limiting your opportunities to get referrals, reducing your chances of winning a TORI award or getting your resumes published in resume books, and upping your chance of having clients who are dissatisfied and return looking for refunds or extra assistance.

You may be thinking, “This isn’t about me, I write a great resume.” But chances are it is about you.

During the years I spent directing the TORI awards I repeatedly saw the following errors holding very talented, skilled, and savvy resume writers back from winning awards. More recently when culling through the 300 resume submissions from certified and award-winning resume writers for Resumes for Dummies, 7th Ed., I was shocked at the amount of time I had to spend on editing and fixing the top submissions (approx. 44-49) that would be featured in the book! The experience presented the perfect opportunity for sharing with you a primer on ways you can make your resumes better.

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