Step-by-Step Winning Interview Answer Strategy + Bonus Promo Scripting (Core Lesson)

This is excerpted from CDI’s Certified Employment Interview Consultant course. CEIC Live starts on 9/06. Learn how you can be certified in just over 9 weeks and save with special Charter pricing by clicking here.

So you want to integrate interview strategy services into your business? 

Here’s one juicy strategy you can start using right away to prepare clients to effectively answer interview questions so they stand out from the competition.

I’m excited to show you just how easy this is with a step-by-step process for answering common questions with home run answers.

Please note: Interview answers are multi-faceted. They involve body language, something I refer to as L+M=O or language plus motivation equals outcome. They require candidates to have evaluated their weaknesses and shortcomings in advance. They also involve home-run hitting content. For the sake of brevity, in this lesson I am just concentrating on the content of a winning answer. The rest of the strategies are detailed in full within the CEIC.

Getting Started: Bonus CEIC Sales Strategy & Script

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