What’s Your Superpower? (Or Knowing Your Strengths and Leveraging Them) Part 2

In a previous post we showed you how to focus on your strengths. That’s a pretty powerful feeling. But it’s not just a feeling. Today we will show you have to leverage those skills.

Showing Off Your Superpowers

Once you are clear on your strengths, it’s time to showcase them to your advantage.

The ideal spot for this is in the “Competencies” section of your resume. But don’t stop there.

You should also show how these skills are used to achieve outstanding results in your “Experience” section. You’ll likely want to sprinkle these into your cover letter, as well—focusing on the strengths the employer is specifically looking for that you possess. And of course, your strengths will be the basis for most of your strong success stories you tell in your interviews.

But your superpowers will not only be used in the content arena…

How to Leverage Your Superpower in the Search Process

As I work with clients and they home in on their strengths, it’s always amazing when they realize how their particular skill set can help them in the “process” of getting a better job—whether that is within their current organization or an outside job. You may be looking at a lateral move—such as shifting to a role that is better aligned with your skills—or a promotion to a position that leverages your leadership abilities.

For example, I had one client who learned she was great at research and organization. “How will your research and organizational abilities help with your job search?” I asked. Her eyes lit up when she saw how being able to research jobs and companies—and keep all that information organized and accessible—would be critical to her search success! Another client who was in sales leadership, was excited to note how his skills in explaining features and benefits, having a customer-focus and being persuasive was going to help him in developing his marketing materials, conduct informational meetings and ace job interviews!

And, if communication skills are your forte…You will have the opportunity to demonstrate them in practically every step of the job search process.

Knowing, showing and using your superpowers are as critical to the job search as it is to your day job. You don’t need awesome claws like Wolverine or X-ray vision like Supergirl in order to be successful in your career development. Use what you’ve got—it’s Superpower enough.

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