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    CDI’s Career/Biz Accelerator Call – 7/2017 (Audio)

    With CDI’s Career/Biz Accelerator calls, I’ve done the work and now you get to make the money from it.

    Let’s face it, you joined CDI so you could grow and expand. That might encompass your actual technical talents for resume writing and providing career services, or it could be starting your business, figuring out how to close sales, work less, and/or earn more.

    These calls provide you with the direct path for accessing the existing CDI services that YOU need now to meet your goals.

    No more reinventing the wheel!

    In this call CDI President and Audacious Entrepreneur Architect, Laura DeCarlo, covered topics of:

    • Pricing services and what resources exist.
    • Packaging services and what resources exist.
    • Performing competitive market research to determine what the market will tolerate in terms of pricing, packaging, and language.
    • Augmenting packages with freebies that save you time and make you money.
    • Overcoming the number one challenge career pros are having that lead them to struggle via your CDI membership.
    • Getting more out of CDI resources – how to search, understand the flags, use the dashboard, use the Find a Career Pro function for partnering and referrals, creating your profile to increase visibility, tools you can share with clients, and support via the forum.

    If you want to leverage your CDI membership and accelerate your path to your career and business success, listen now and plan to join us when the next one is scheduled.

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