5 Ways to Ensure You’re Interview Ready

Mature businessman standing in his office and giving thumbs up

You’ve had your resume and other career documentation ‘professionalised’ to highlight your most relevant strengths and achievements. Tick. You’ve promptly submitted your job application containing this career-selling documentation. Tick.

The next step is to both mentally and physically prepare yourself for when you hear back from the prospective employer. Adhering to the following five interview-prep stages will help ensure you appear as ‘professionalised’ in person as you do on paper.

#1 – Expect an initial phone interview

Even though email is well-used for business communications, a phone call is more likely to be the first channel used by the recruiter or prospective employer. This channel is often used to screen potential candidates, so be prepared as per the stages below, and keep the following close by: your resume, a notepad, the job ad.

#2 – Conduct further research

Putting in the effort to do some research about the company you want to work for is likely to shine through when you’re interviewed. Use this information to decipher what you’ll say if asked why you want to work there. Also align it with the job description, and consider what job- and company-specific questions you might be asked.

#3 – Come up with some of your own questions

The job interview is also your opportunity to assess whether you truly want that role, so don’t hold back on asking for further insights. For example, how does the company ensure its employees continue to professionally develop? Most employers prefer staff that are proactive and use their initiative – and aren’t afraid to ask – so keep this in mind.

#4 – Have you references list ready

Referees’ contact details are generally omitted from a professionally written resume, but you’ll need them for when you make it to interview stage. Ensure all referee details are up-to-date, and make contact with each of them to forewarn they may be contacted by recruiters.

#5 – Keep on believing in yourself

Always remember that you’re being interviewed because the employer believes in what you’re offering. There’s a reason why you’ve made it to this stage, and maintaining this self-belief while gaining confidence from the above preparation stages will further your employment potential. 

Investing in a professionally written resume (and LinkedIn profile, etc.) is no doubt beneficial to your professional advancement, but it will only get you so far. Using the above stages to ensure you’re interview prepared will guide you further towards the end goal. As a final tip, always send a follow-up thank-you email after you’ve been interviewed, to further stand out to the prospective employer.