Trends in Federal Resumes / Hiring (Audio)

This master class covers some serious ground:

President Obama issued an Executive Memorandum requiring federal agencies to streamline their hiring processes and eliminate written responses to KSAs, but what is actually happening with the federal hiring process? Here’s what was discussed:


  1. How have federal resumes themselves changed? For instance, has the resume length changed and is the USA Jobs Resume builder being replaced with a traditional resume?
  2. KSAs – are they still required? What is a KSA resume?
  3. What is an Occupational questionnaire?


  1. How do you interpret the federal announcements and lack of consistency with application procedures?
  2. Tell us about the new federal cover letter requirements.
  3. What are other changes in the federal hiring process and how do they affect us and your clients?


  1.  Where do you identify federal internship opportunities?

Thanks to our expert guest panel:

  • Barbara Adams of CareerPro Global, Inc.
  • Cory Edwards of Partnering for Success.
  • Camille Roberts of CC Career Services
  • Robin Schlinger of Robin’s Resumes
  • Beth Colley of Chesapeake Resume Writing Service

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