TORI Resume Awards & the Value of $40 to Grow Your Biz – 2 days left

TORI Resume Writing Awards Value of $40 Grow BusinessLet’s face it – $40 doesn’t go that far today.

It won’t buy dinner, let alone dinner and a movie.

It won’t fill your gas tank.

It won’t buy a really good pair of shoes.

Heck, it frequently doesn’t cover your monthly gym membership.

Today, forty bucks has become small change. Yet everyone’s still working hard to earn it and figure out how to use it to their best advantage.

At CDI there’s a place where $40 has the potential to be the best money you ever spent on your resume writing practice!

I’m talking about the TORI Resume Writing Awards.

With $40 you can:

Purchase one entry into the 2021 TORI award competition.

Use only a tiny amount of your time to customize one submission.

Have the chance at all the marketing benefits of potentially being nominated in the category you entered. (5 nominees per category).

Potentially gain the blockbuster benefits of winning which equates to literally doubling your business, being able to raise your prices, and having the chance to hand-pick your ideal clients from a waiting list. (3 winners per category – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

Still have the option to purchase more categories for more chances to win and be nominated by the submission deadline. (The price goes as low as $25 each based on quantity).

Some resume writers spend hundreds, even thousands a month in advertising and SEO, not even counting the hours spent in blogging and social media. Just imagine if job seekers hungry to hire you were seeking you out….

That’s the reality for many TORI winners. Some TORI winners don’t even have a website or have a very limited one. Those writers will tell you that their business comes through the CDI website because they have won TORIs.

I honestly don’t know of anything else with this kind of ROI in the arena of marketing and growing your business.

This is no joke. No smokescreen. No gimmick.

I did it myself and the success stories from other winners speak for themselves (see them at the web page linked to this email).

Look, it’s easy:

  1. Purchase at least one category by the registration deadline of 12 AM on July 16th.
  2. Submit your completed entry or entries no later than the submission deadline of August 3rd.
  3. As long as you are registered by 12 AM on 7/16/2021, you can add more categories (there are 10 total) by the submission deadline of 8/03/2021.


Lay your claim to this potential success and register today. There is just a little over 2 days left to register!

Learn more about the TORI awards now >>


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