2nd Attempt, Same Resume = She Won a TORI Award (23 Days Left)

TORI Resume Writing Awards - Second Attempt With the Same Resume = A WinResume Writers: Have you entered the TORIs and never been nominated, or been nominated and then not won?

In 2021, it’s time to rethink entering again — even possibly the same resume as before — as it’s a whole new ballgame with the introduction of the Classic Design categories! But outside of that, sometimes all it takes is a second try!

TORI winner, Kim Robb Baker’s story is exactly one many resume writers can benefit from reading. She writes:

“If you have entered TORIs in the past but are feeling overwhelmed this year:

Twice I’ve won TORIs for resumes I submitted in previous years that didn’t even get a nomination. One of those was my first place new grad resume.

I always recommend sending in your best, but I also think covering as many categories as possible gives you the best chance to win something. So if I’m tight on time, I’ll fill in the gaps with an older resume. Judges change, and this might be the year your undiscovered gem is ready to shine.”

Imagine if Kim didn’t try again with those resumes and just wrote them off?

Additionally, if you are studying prior TORI winners, you may come up with ideas that let you spruce up a former entry!

I recall about 12 years ago pulling a resume writer aside at a conference. She had entered many times and never won. I’d pulled up her resumes and saw the formatting reason that was holding her back. After verbally sharing it with her, she went on to crush the TORIs. She’s won 7 TORIs since.

It’s so important not to give up when something doesn’t work the first time!

For all the resumes that didn’t win in the past, the Classic Design categories are a definite 2nd chance!

Since the TORIs are the lowest cost and highest ROI way to grow your resume business, brush off those awesome resumes and give it a whirl. You don’t want to miss out!

There are just 23 days left to register By 12 AM Friday, July 16, 2021.

(Remember, once you get registered you still have until Tues, August 3, 2021 to purchase more categories and submit).

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