TORI Resume Writing Awards Live Q&A Zoom Event – Get Answers

TORI Resume Writing Awards Q&A - Video with Time Stamps to Find Your TopicWhat happened in our interactive TORI resume award Q&A Zoom event?

Former winners and nominees confirmed it’s truly the #1 lowest cost yet most effective way to grow your resume writing business.

But we also covered SO much more.

It was fun having the breakout and everyone stuck with me to the end!

This video is packed full of direction, strategy, advice, and proof that the TORIs are worth your time — even if it’s last minute!

We discussed:

  • Why you can’t miss the TORIs plus tips on preparing and entering to improve your chances from our guest, Sharon Williams, as well as other former winners and nominees.
  • Answers to ALL your submitted and live questions.
  • What your life would look like if you won and the 7 ways you win just by entering.
  • Where to find all the TORI resources.
  • Deadline extension and a special gift for those who attended live. (Surprise, registration no longer closes in ONE DAY!)

I’ve made it SUPER easy for you to find what you are looking for if you just don’t have the time for the entire video. 

Time stamps, of a sort!!

If you want to learn about a particular topic in the video below, just find it in the following list and go to that time point in the video.

5:53 – Sharon Williams on the ROI of a TORI

14:10 – Hear tips and awesome ROI from TORI winners, Scott Nichols, Deb Schuster, and Amy Watt (think tripling prices, new contracts, and LOTS of business. “You can’t put a value on winning!”)

25:03 – Why I push the TORIs every year (my story of resume awards growing my business and why I believe in them 100%)

29:53 Written success stories from former winners and nominees – Kim Robb Baker, Melissa Kelley, Barb Poole, and Marie Plett.

31:20 – 7 ways you win just by entering the TORIs.

34:47 – Maximum number of people who enter the TORIs every year, on average. (I bet you had NO IDEA how much opportunity there is for you!)

I was off on the most people ever in the recording. The most ever is 70. (Yes, only 70 for a competition with 10 categories, 50 nominees, and 30 winners). The average is ONLY 56 (63 total have entered the last few years). 

37:32 – Breakout activity – what you see in your life and what you are celebrating a year from now if you won or were nominated for a TORI.

You didn’t get to be in our groups of 2-3 so close your eyes and envision you have the amazing success of other nominees and winners. What will that mean to you, your family, and your life??

48:20 – Tips for TORI entries and preparation (with advice from winner, Sharon Williams).

56:15 – All your burning questions answered and TORI myths debunked.

1:14:06 – Links to TORI resources (lessons, tips from judges, tips from winners, TORI registration and info, winning resumes).

1:19:13 – Special announcement!! TORI dates extended for both registration and submission.

1:20:05 – Surprise gift awarded ONLY for those who attended live!

1:21:08 – Shortcuts to member resume writing resources and TORIs via member dashboard.

1:26:09 – A few more questions on which categories get the least and most entries, difference between high-design and classic design TORIs, and yes, you can make $$ with new grad resumes.

It’s time to make this YOUR year with the TORI awards!

Watch the video now:

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Note: You won’t be able to see all the testimonials but they are on the TORI page (link at bottom).

TORI Award logoAbout the TORI Awards

The TORI resume writing awards are the resume industry’s longest running resume competition, which had its beginnings in the year 2000.

There are 10 categories to enter for a variety of specialties. Some categories offer classic design options and others are high design focused.

There are five nominees in every category and a first, second, and third place in each for a total of 50 changes to be nominated and 30 chances to win!

When job seekers search for “award-winning resumes” CDI’s TORI’s come up first. We feature our nominees and winners and it pays off for them.

Our winners and nominees tell us:

Just being nominated last year doubled my business on average.

– Melissa KelIey, Kelley Resumes and Wordsmithing

Since my investment I’ve bought in at least $25K in project fees, directly attributable to the TORIs in the last couple of years. Note that this is not for a massive number of projects, but a smaller number of high-priced ones.

– Tiffany Hardy, Top1Resumes

The TORI was a game-changer for my business. Almost immediately, I had more engaged clients from the market that I am continually seeking to attract.

– Amy L. Adler, Five Strengths Career Transition Experts

About Sharon Williams

For many years, Sharon held the record for most number of TORIs won. She will tell you first-hand it was a game-changer for her business and worth pursuing time and time again.

During the course of her career, she has earned a grand total of 57 awards, nominations, and honors from CDI and PARW/CC. With CDI these include multiple TORI wins and nominations, a 1st place CDI World’s Best Resume Writer award,  Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and President’s Award.

Earning a BSBA and MEd as a non-traditional student to fulfill a lifelong dream led Sharon to a 25-year teaching career in universities and colleges in OH and KY. Working as an educator intersected with a passion for writing that opened doors for the startup of her business, JobRockit, which is now in its 20th year.

Learn more about the TORIs and access all the TORI resources here >>

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