TORI Judge Reveals “What the Best Resume Writers Are Doing in 2016”

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This year I again had the exciting job of judging CDI’s ‘Toast of the Resume Industry’ Awards.  All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW!

The TORI’s always attract amazing resumes and this year was no exception. Writers across the globe submitted their best work and I was completely blown away by the creativity, innovation and inspirational ideas being used to market and differentiate candidates.

A number of clear trends have emerged that really separated the great writers from the ordinary:

  • Amazing Storytelling: Gone were dry position details and in their place were well-crafted career stories that told the facts whilst taking you on a journey of transformation, challenges and successes. It’s obvious this year’s writers knew that value of story-telling for both illustrating personal brands and sustaining attention. Resumes were filled with stories that provided context to each role and left me feeling more connected with the candidate’s unique strengths, personality and experiences.
  • Clever Visuals: The era of the visual is here and this year’s skilled writers used creative tools to generate impact, punctuate messages and support great content. Effective use of colour, graphics and design made the documents easier to read, and like pictures in a story book, the graphs, infographics and quotes drew my eye seamlessly in to important highlights.
  • Tight Writing: Tight writing is an art and the best writers wielded it to their advantage. Every point was sharp, every word essential. It was clear each of the documents had been written and rewritten to produce final products that kept content brief but powerful. Equally important and great to see was that white space was highly protected and applied cleverly as a creative element to give my eye a well-earned pause in the right places.
  • More Metrics, Less Fluff: In keeping with past trends, writers are continuing to eliminate fluff. Buzz words were kicked to the kerb and ‘above the fold’ space was reserved for showcasing the person’s career-defining results.  Reverse CAR achievement statements also continually hooked me in with eye-catching metrics.

Having seen the amazing work produced this year, I can’t wait to see what next year’s awards bring.  Check out the winners announced on the CDI site now.

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