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    Tools, News & Hacks for Career Pros & Resume Writers – July 2021

    CDI's Tools, Tips, News and Hacks Resource NewsletterI hope everyone is getting to take a little middle of summer time off for fun. But everywhere I look in The Great Resignation era, I see career professionals busier than they have ever been! So, don’t forget to take some time for you and a little fun since balance is important to not burning out. Here are some more great tips, tricks, tools, news, hacks, and advice for resume writers and career coaches.

    In this issue:

    • How to Overcome Video Call Fatigue
    • The Art of Declining a Job Offer
    • Companies With the Best Global Company Culture
    • COVID Vaccine Disclosure and Employment
    • 38 LinkedIn Statistics You Should Know in 2021
    • A Precedence for Companies Not Having to Claim Employees?
    • Help Your Clients to Leave Their Jobs Gracefully
    • Clubhouse Clubs to Follow & Use to Grow Your Business
    • Inhuman Resources: Alert Clients to AI-Driven Job Interviews
    • When Submitting Resumes By Email, Use These Strategies for Effective Subject Lines
    • Helping Clients Meet the Challenge of Automation with Soft Skills
    • Career Coaching: Interview Strategy for, “Why Should We Hire You?”
    • Do’s & Don’ts of LinkedIn Etiquette (Infographic)

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