Tools, News & Hacks for Career Pros & Resume Writers – August 2021

CDI's Tools, Tips, News and Hacks Resource NewsletterToday in the world of work, everything is changing. COVID and work-from-home (WFH) have led to “The Great Resignation” as job seekers want more for their lives. This month we have a mix of tools, resources, and support to help you and your clients at each stage of your journeys.

In this issue:

  • Game-Changing Tool for Recruiters on LinkedIn
  • 8 Steps to a Better Job Search
  • Hiring Statistics for 2021/2022
  • Help Clients Make a Winning Case for Permanent Work-From-Home (WFH) Setup Post-COVID
  • Work-Life Balance is More Important Than Ever: Here are 14 of the Best Jobs for Balance
  • How Many Years to Include On a Resume
  • Do Your Clients Lack the Confidence to Negotiate Their Salary?
  • LinkedIn Expert Predictions 2021
  • LinkedIn Networking Tips to Get Our Clients Going
  • Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Post-Pandemic Job Market Tips
  • How to Write Resignation Letters for Your Clients

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