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    Tools, News & Hacks for Career Pros & Resume Writers – April 2021

    CDI's Tools, Tips, News and Hacks Resource NewsletterHow can it be April 2021? Time seems to be flying by this year and there are so many things happening. There have been many changes and new offerings for small business owners, resume writers, and career coaches. So it’s time to share some great industry resources, changes, information, tools, and tips courtesy of CDI leadership and the Education committee.

    In this issue:

    • May 2021 Google Update & Your Website (Free Webinar on Thursday)
    • Google Trends Show Clubhouse May Just Be a Flash in the Pan
    • Interview Mindset Tips to Help Clients Land the Job
    • Cleaning Up That Email Inbox
    • Retirement Strategies for Small Business Owners
    • Productivity Hacks for Business Owners
    • Five Unusual Tips for Cold Emailing to Help Your Clients Stand Out
    • Skills Employees Will Need in a Post-Pandemic Workplace
    • Should You Be on TikTok? How Some Career Pros Are Cornering This Market
    • LinkedIn Cover Stories
    • Artificial Intelligence Jumps Into Career Advising
    • Are Companies With No Employees the Way of the Future?

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