(Open) Ask Your Questions: Resume Writing Certification & TORI Awards

Ask Your Questions About Resume Certification & TORI Resume Writing AwardsNow’s your chance! I know there are questions you’ve been meaning to ask about resume writing certification and the TORI resume writing awards.

I’ve opened up the easiest survey ever – so easy all you have to do is type in your burning questions, big and small, on resume writing certification and TORI resume awards.

You can ask things like:

Why should I pursue a resume writing certification?

I’m in my first year as a resume writer, so should I hold off on entering the TORIs?

Do job seekers really care about resume certifications or resume writing awards? 

How long does it take to prepare a TORI entry? 

Why does CDI have seven resume writing certifications?​

If the square root of PI is 3.1415926535 should I enter the TORIs or just go order some dessert?  

I spy pie

While I’ve inserted a little bit of levity there and made myself kinda hungry (oh, and please don’t ask me about math), the point is that if one person submits a question, a dozen are thinking it.

And if you’re thinking it, I want to answer it!

But not in another email! I’m super tired of TORI emails, and if you’ve been with us a while, we bet you are too! 

However, there is still immense ROI to be had and I don’t want anyone to miss out because I didn’t send an email! (After all, these accolades are how I and many a resume writer like you have encouraged job seekers to say yes to our 3- to 5-figure services).

So this year I’ve pulled way waaaaay back on those emails and will be answering questions in a live forum (separate ones for certification and TORIs).

Just click through to the survey and throw those questions at me now. 

If you think of more later, no problem. Just come back to the survey before the deadline and share again. 

Submission deadline is Tues, 5/31/2022.

About the TORIs:

The Toast of the Resume Industry is an annual resume writing competition that is open now. There are 10 categories, 50 chances for nomination and 30 chances to win.  There are categories for classic design and ones for high-level graphic design. The TORIs are recognized as #1 lowest cost, highest ROI way to rapidly grow your resume writing business. Learn more here.

CDI Resume Certifications: 

CDI has worked hard to create a suite of certification options for resume writers looking to stand out to niche markets and professionals. Our credentials include the Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Career Storyteller, Certified Graphic Resume Architect, and our series of niche credentials called the Certified Resume Specialist +X (21 different specialties). Learn more here.

Let’s Do This!

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