Prep Your Clients for Successful Background Investigations (Lesson)

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Your clients spend a great deal of time searching for a position and applying for multiple job opportunities.

But what goes on behind the scenes after the application is submitted?

Candidates have little knowledge regarding what happens during the background investigation process and how will it affect their outcome. What candidates don’t know can result in lost job opportunities.

In this lesson, we will cover key strategies that allow you to provide a value-added service to your clients, including:

  • Primary reasons why individuals are denied employment
  • How to proactively take steps to correct these issues.

The goal is to obtain a flawless background investigation for the prospective employer to review and land the job and career they deserve. Understanding what happens after the application process will help you prepare your clients by providing a greater understanding of pre-employment background screening and how to overcome hurdles that will develop.

The background investigation is a human endeavor and as such, errors made by recruiters, former employers, supervisors, schools and yes, even errors made by the candidate can result in a lost opportunity.

Candidates cannot assume that someone conducting a background investigation will make numerous calls and expend extra time to locate former employers and references if candidates do not provide verifiable information.

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