Stop Killing Sales: Use This 5-Step Framework (Core Lesson)

Lately I’ve seen a disturbing trend on the websites of career professionals:

The “X minute consultation”.

Now “X” could be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. The key issues are:

  1. It’s rare to close a 3-5 figure sale in a few minutes. You just can’t offer enough value or unique ROI.
  2. Most prospects recognize that the timeframe is so short that they are just going to get pitched.

If your average client comes to you for resume writing services — I call that the gateway drug that everybody knows they need — then you need time to set the stage.

Check this out:

Most of your clients truly believe they could do this themselves given the time and initiative.

At some point you’ve had clients say, “I could do this myself if I had the time. But I also know you’ve got the tricks and 50 cent words that will get attention.”

Yep, they don’t know any better in most cases than to think you are a glorified typist!

So, you can’t just jump on the phone, learn what they need, tell them what you can do, and then quote a price in 10-20 minutes.

You won’t close enough sales this way.

You’ll wonder if you are charging too much (when you likely aren’t charging enough).

You’ll start to get pre-conceived ideas about who can afford your service that just aren’t true.

You won’t get to pitch the packages that your clients need and that you will benefit most from selling (think greater client success, less chargeback possibility, and more revenue per client for less hours of work).

You’re not going to hit that 6-figure goal any time soon.

You’ll work too damn hard for your money and come out with just too much stress.

So, the first step is easy: Review the infographic below! Then stop listing the time a consultation takes on your website and just offer a free consultation. You will be able to set boundaries and maintain control in the call – you’re the professional! (If not, we have lots of member resources on client control in the archives).

Step two just requires you to take action: Read, study, learn, and adopt the content of the two lessons available to you in the member’s section on how to walk through your consultation. It will guide you through each step.

You’ll get 5 quick and easy steps to higher dollar sales closure success.

You’ll learn how to Educate with Fear (Edu-Fear-Acating) to help your prospects see that THEY CANNOT DO IT THEMSELVES.

You’ll learn how to integrate screen sharing (I like Join.me) to help guide a client to proof factors like testimonials, samples, and package options.

You’ll see how to guide your client to the package you recommend but be delighted even if they pick a la carte. (Think retail mark up and more $ more client).

This process doesn’t have to feel painful or salesy. But it DOES HAVE TO HAVE PROCESS.

You just don’t wing a 3-5 figure sale and then get surprised when they don’t buy. You may want to fill in the blank that it was their budget, the economy, or some other reason they didn’t buy. You can count on that 3-5% of the time. The rest is all about PROCESS.

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