Six keys to the CDI Summit and Your Success

Soar CoverCDI’s 2014 Global Career Empowerment Summit provides the magic and the science that will get you off the fence, out of frustration, and into new and unexpected levels of success. Whether you are in your first year trying to learn how to fly or a Master ready to go supersonic, you can do it with CDI.

You can expect to do more than show up or dial in. You will be fully engaged, empowered, and enriched so you return to your business or career ready to rule. Here are six ways CDI’s Summit will work hard for you:

#1 – You will meet MORE people.

The Summit is a no-go-it-alone-zone!

Get the amount of guidance and support you want with pre-summit discussion list, buddy matching, badge bar, and structured on-site networking to easily build relationships, partnerships, and extend your support.

#2 – You will dig, explore, and learn deeply.

CDI Summit sessions say “NO” to boring lectures.

Our sessions are crafted to honor different learning styles and engage you to make sure you take away powerful and applicable new tools and information. Plus, end-of-day power Q&A sessions allow you to dig more deeply, ask questions, and cement new concepts into your business.

#3 – You will have the tools to act on what you learn when you return home.

You won’t get left in the cold figuring it out on your own!

CDI has fixed what is wrong with live programs with our unique 2-step approach:

  1. During each session you are guided to identify key takeaways and establish action items making it easy to apply the knowledge when you get home.
  2. After the Summit you will still interact with colleagues in CDI’s private Summit discussion group to further explore, brainstorm, and engage on session topics to fully make them your own.

 #4 – You will be exposed to relevant new ideas and opportunities.

CDI doesn’t source proposals for our Summits, which has proven to be a sure way of bringing stale content to a program lineup.

Instead, the CDI Board and committees look at what is trending, what is on the horizon, and what members continuously struggle with, and then we track down the experts to bring you the knowledge you need with the angles making it relevant TODAY.

#5 – You will be able to exponentially grow your business.

Just look at attendee Summit testimonial videos and you will see that your colleagues are able to add thousands and even tens of thousands of additional revenue each year from what they take away from the CDI Summit.

Grant Cooper will even tell you it is the secret sauce behind maintaining a 6-figure business.

Our unique slant makes sure you get content you can use to expand your product and services offerings, build your confidence, and better manage your business.

#6 – It will pay for itself.

Attendees tell us every year, and put it in writing, to encourage their colleagues to come:

When put into action, the return on investment in learning, rejuvenation, and profit-building ideas makes it pay for itself in just a few short months. Plus, you get a lot of great SWAG, including industry books and other bonuses.

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