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    Step-by-Step Tutorial:

    ATS-Friendly Graphic Resume Design by Marie Plett

    Step-by-Step Graphic Resume Design Tutorial with Marie Plett
    Step-by-Step Graphic Resume Design Tutorial with Marie Plett

    Do you long to design graphic resumes but worry about ATS?

    Are you overwhelmed in MS Word trying to figure out how to create graphic resume elements?

    Would you like to win a TORI resume writing award to boost your business?

    You don’t have to be overwhelmed or intimidated by graphic resume elements or worried about ATS compatibility anymore!

    This is it!

    40X (and growing) TORI and ROAR award-winner, Marie Plett, has shared all her strategies to create a graphic resume design tutorial that takes you by the hand and guides you, step-by-step, to turn a blah resume into a brilliant one – all while keeping ATS top-of-mind.

    Marie Plett

    "This is the single most comprehensive presentation I have ever designed, and it essentially shows all of my Microsoft Word and ATS design secrets. Every other presentation I have ever delivered has led to this.

    What I do is surprisingly easy and, with this presentation, I was able to make a dozen resume writers comfortable and proficient in resume graphic development in just a few hours."

    Marie Plett


    In less than three (3) hours you will have been guided step-by-step by Marie in a provided MS Word resume to:

    • Add a page border
    • Change colors
    • Create sub-headers
    • Take and save screenshot images
    • Design headers (for 1st and 2nd pages)
    • Build call-out boxes and strategic designs
    • Create a column chart, pie chart, and an area chart
    • Keep the resume ATS-friendly
    • Admire your work of art new resume design, which Marie calls a “Radically ATS-friendly beautiful resume!”

    Think about what this could mean to you!

    Carolyn Whitfield

    I watched Marie’s webinar: How to Design ATS-Friendly Graphic Resumes on Friday and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The information she shared as a result of her survey was a real eye-opener and will impact my resumes and their designs moving forward. The tips Marie provided are always useful and I have already applied several of them in my work.

    Carolyn Whitfield

    Total Resumes
    female silhouette

    I’ve now won TORIs in three different years thanks to the graphic strategies I gained watching Marie’s resume writing tutorials from my CDI membership. She really makes what seems complex and challenging very easy to follow. I just needed that “boost” to get going and see what was possible to boost my resume design. The outcome – the TORIs have been a huge game changer for my business so I’m extremely grateful for having received her guidance!


    Rachel (Vander Pol) Raymond Headshot

    Excerpted from the 2022 Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award nomination for Marie...

    If I could name one person who has upleveled resume writing in the last few years, it’s Marie Plett. She has not only swept the TORIs awards (multiple times?) but I believe she has single‐handedly transformed the graphic resume. A graphic designer at heart, her designs are detailed yet straight forward. They literally make you step back and say “wow.” While they are beautiful, they also eloquently showcase her clients’ accomplishments and career narratives.

    It is my personal thought that the very reason CDI introduced the “Classic” resume categories for the TORIs is because of Marie … she is just so good that others could hardly even compete.

    She has become a leader in the industry for good reason – she is just simply the best in the business for creating professionally designed, yet ATS‐friendly resumes that land her clients interviews. She has opened my eyes to how the graphic resume and ATS‐friendly resume can be one and the same.

    Seriously – her investment and contribution to this industry will be felt for years to come. She has literally changed the game.

    Rachel Raymond

    RVP Writing and Design, LLC

    In less than three hours you’ll have designed each of these elements for yourself and experienced the repeatable processes to bring your graphic resumes to life!

    Imagine the rave reviews from clients and the boost to your business that getting nominated or winning a resume award could bring once you start using these skills on your future projects!


    Video & PDF Instructions

    Prefer to learn by video or by written instructions? We’ve got you covered with both step-by-step videos AND PDF guides!

    MS Word 2007+

    Unsure if your MS Word version will pass the test? MS Word 2007+ (as long as you can produce a .docx document you are set).

    Mac or PC

    On a Mac or a PC? No problem! Marie gives commands for both!

    Jump to a Topic

    Already a graphic resume veteran and want to jump to a topic? Each topic is in a stand-alone video to help you find it fast and efficiently.

    Get Started Now

    Members and Non-members - save with the CGRA bundle now. Last chance to grab the bonus Q&A call recording with Marie!

    About the Certified Graphic Resume Architect

    CDI resume writer certification logo: Certified Graphic Resume Architect (CGRA)
    With this credential you can be exclusive! There are currently only 13 CGRAs worldwide.

    This credential was designed specifically for professional resume writers who love giving job seekers the invaluable edge of dynamic, visual resumes that make them stand out from the competition.

    The CGRA lets you show your prospects that your skills are the most up-to-date to handle any marketing challenge they may encounter in their job search.

    Option 1: Tutorial Only

    NO Membership Required

    This option is best if you have already purchased the Certified Graphic Resume Writer credential.


    Step-by-Step Graphic Resume Design Tutorial with Marie Plett - $399 value
    Bonus Ask Me Anything About Graphic Resume Design Zoom Recording with Marie Plett - $199 value
    Certified Graphic Resume Architect credentialing

    Option 2: Tutorial + CGRA

    Membership Required

    This option is best if you want to take graphic resume writing as far as you can, both learning the skills and marketing them to your prospective clients to raise the perceived value of your resumes and the rates you can charge.


    Step-by-Step Graphic Resume Design Tutorial with Marie Plett - $399 value
    Certified Graphic Resume Architect credentialing - $297 value
    Bonus Ask Me Anything About Graphic Resume Design Zoom Recording with Marie Plett - $199 value

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