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    Resume Evaluator Certification:
    Certified Resume Analyst (CRA)

    Now you can be recognized for expertise in providing job seekers with feedback and advice on their resumes!

    If job seekers cross your path, it’s likely you end up providing resume analysis, feedback, and advice. But that doesn’t mean you like or even want to write resumes!

    Enter the Certified Resume Analyst (CRA) – a resume writing-centric credential meant for you if you want to:

    • Stand out for your expertise in pinpointing what makes a winning resume…without the huge time commitment of having to write them.
    • Establish credibility when introducing resume analysis (feedback and advice) into your portfolio of career services.
    • Offer a paid resume evaluation session as a funnel to your resume services or to create another revenue stream.
    • Boost your authority quotient by earning a certification that positions you as a well-rounded career service professional.

    Ready to get started?

    The CDI resume analyst credential shows you have expertise in what makes a winning resume, and that you are skilled at reviewing them and providing valuable feedback and advice.


    Who could benefit from this credential?

    • Career coaches
    • Military transition service staff
    • Recruiters
    • College career services staff
    • Career counselors
    • Staff and volunteers in agencies that serve job seekers
    • Outplacement professionals
    • Resume writers seeking a less intensive offering than writing resumes
    • Anyone else who assists job seekers

    When might this credential provide ROI to your prospect job seekers?

    • Offering resume review services for free or for a fee.
    • Proposing services for conferences, job fairs, or events.
    • Seeking career services positions with non-profits, universities, schools, and government agencies.
    • Pitching outplacement and transition assistance packages to corporations.
    • Providing support to graduating students in university and other school career centers.

    How do you earn the CRA resume review certification?

    Since you won’t be writing resumes, the process is quite streamlined:

    1. Knowledge: Regardless of whether you write resumes or not, you need to first have a solid foundation of what makes a winning resume. Registration includes a copy of the 113-page CDI Resume Certification Guide (Brand New for 2022).
    2. Analysis & Proofreading: Prove your abilities with two mid-level client resume evaluations (example: hospitality manager, marketing person, retail sales manager). You will be provided with these resumes to provide written advice and guidance on the strategies to make them shine.

    Upon approval of your two resumes, you will be conveyed the Certified Resume Analyst credential.

    What’s your investment in this resume evaluation credential?

    The Certified Resume Analyst is very affordable at only $227 US.

    Since you won’t be writing resumes with this credential we have opted to NOT make CDI membership required as a perquisite or requirement to retain the credential once earned.

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    What is the timeframe to complete this certification?

    If you are confident in your knowledge you could easily review and evaluate both resumes in a single afternoon. But the CRA process allows you to take as long as you need within one calendar year of registration.

    Does this credential require renewal updates?

    Again, the CRA credential is unique in that it does not require membership to attain or maintain it. However, resume writing does change and for that reason you will be required to demonstrate that you are staying abreast of new trends and techniques with a renewal every three (3) years.

    The renewal fee is $75.00 for members. The renewal fee for non-members is $130.00.

    For consideration you must submit a one-page document (essay or blog post style) sharing what has changed in resume writing during the past three years and how you have maintained your skills. For CDI members this will be exceedingly simple as you receive the tools and resources to stay up to date.

    This update requirement is the only prerequisite of retaining the CRA credentials. CDI reserves the right to revoke this credential if these requirements are not met and maintained.

    Why is renewal necessary? Because the craft of resume writing is dynamic and is swiftly changing with the advances in computer technology and applicant tracking / scanning as well as emerging legal issues involving resume fraud. These are just a few concerns that make it necessary for professionals to demonstrate ongoing education and knowledge of modern resume writing techniques.

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    Can this resume analyst credential be revoked?

    All requirements of CRA certification, renewal, and/or CDI membership standards must be maintained in order to earn or retain a CDI credential. CDI reserves the right to revoke a CRA credential for any of the following: Renewal requirements are not maintained and completed within required timelines at the appropriate rate for member/non-member status. Member fails to complete the required 12 consecutive months of membership to qualify for the discounted rate provided at registration and makes no attempt to pay the difference in order to retain said credential. Individual is found guilty in a court of law for a grievance within the industry (unprofessional, unethical, unlawful conduct and/or business practices).

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    Are you ready to take your business to the next level by becoming the industry’s next top Certified Graphic Resume Architect?

    Since you won’t be writing resumes with this credential we have opted to NOT make CDI membership required as a perquisite or requirement to retain the credential once earned.

    Paid Association Member Pricing

    Current association members receive discounts on certifications and programs.

    You receive $80 (25%) off of this certification.

    Not a member?

    Membership in CDI is not required to become a CRA.

    However, paying members receive:

    • 25% off ($80 discount) on certification registration.
    • Reduced renewal fee.
    • All the benefits of association membership.

    Interested in becoming a member today? You will have the chance to add membership and apply the member discount at checkout.

    If I still have questions, what should I do?

    Please feel free to contact us at info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

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