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Outplacement: Is it the Place for You?

Creating and Selling Personal Marketing Plans

Understanding Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

How to Help Your Clients Move Up with Elevator Pitches

Breaking Through the Barriers: Re-energize Your Client’s Interview Performance Using Key Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Tools

How to Create a Custom Resume Questionnaire for Clients: An Easy to Use Approach

Empowering and Leading Clients

Marketing Makeover Power Workshop with Kendall SummerHawk

Out of the Box Career Marketing Strategies

What Next? Building Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Building Wealth – Profitability 101 with the Masters (Expert Panel)

Grow Your Business by Utilizing a Full Life Cycle Professional Services Model Training Tips and Techniques

Program descriptions:

Outplacement: Is it the Place for You? with Gail Frank

Most of your clients are job-seekers, and a resume is only one tool they need on their journey to a new job. Could venturing into outplacement services be in your future? This workshop will explore what traditional outplacement firms offer their clients, how they run, and who their clients are. In this introductory class we’ll penetrate the different roles, challenges and rewards of a career helping displaced employees learn to find a new job. We’ll contrast outplacement versus the career coaching model of business, and the merits and drawbacks of both. Participants will evaluate whether their interest, skill base, and temperament are a match for the demands of providing outplacement services. If outplacement looks like a viable answer for you and your business, we’ll share tips, tricks and resources to strike out on your own, develop alliances, or work for an already-established outplacement firm. This workshop includes a proprietary workbook with charts, checklists, examples and resources. After taking this training session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the differences between resume writing, outplacement and career coaching service models
  • Complete an assessment that helps them choose whether outplacement, career coaching or resume writing might be their preferred business model
  • Evaluate options and plan specific steps to pursue outplacement as an income generator
  • Enjoy increased confidence about their ability to choose whether outplacement services are a good business and personal fit.

Gail Frank is a career services professional who offers outplacement workshops, resume writing, and interview training for small companies and individuals. She is a doubly certified resume writer (NCRW & CPRW), as well as a Certified Job Coach (JCTC) and Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP). She is also certified as a Professional Teleclass Leader through Teleclass International. Gail is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Economics, and has a 10-year corporate background in Brand Management, Marketing & Operations for Procter & Gamble and BIC Corporation. She holds a masters degree in Adult Education/Corporate Training and also works as a trainer and consultant for top outplacement firm DBM. In addition, she runs a marketing consulting firm helping small business owners with marketing, communications, and training solutions.

Creating and Selling Personal Marketing Plans with Barbara Safani

You’ve just completed a fabulous resume and cover letter for your client. Now what? How do you ensure that your client is using their marketing collateral effectively? Personal marketing plans provide a roadmap for your clients and a focusing document that can be used during networking and informational interviews to generate conversations, communicate value and personal brand, target key companies, and find decision makers. In this teleseminar, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the key components of personal marketing plans.
  • Learn how to interview clients to create personal marketing plans.
  • Receive a template and examples of personal marketing plans.
  • Discover ways to pitch, price, and package this add on service to create more robust job search packages for clients.

Understanding Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques with Susan P. Joyce

A Website is a very important part of our visibility and marketing in the 21st century, presenting our “brand” to the world. So, having a Website which can be found using a search engine is very important to your business, and understanding the basics of what makes a site “find-able” is critical. The goal is a Website that will be visible to the appropriate audience without a continuous investment in advertising. In this session, you will learn:

  • How search engines work (this is the part about spiders and robots).
  • The basic elements of making a site find-able.
  • The technologies and techniques that may make a site invisible.


  • FREE tools from Google that can help you be more successful.
  • Other resources to help you keep up to date with what is going on with your Website.

Susan, who founded NETability, Inc. in 1995 (when domains were free!), calls herself a “recovering” Web developer since she now focuses 100% of her development efforts on Job-Hunt.org, the award-winning employment “portal” Website she has edited and Webmastered since it was purchased by NETability in 1998.

How to Help Your Clients Move Up with Elevator Pitches with Barbara Safani

Every networking conversation and every interview includes the “so, tell me about yourself” question. Yet most job seekers are woefully unprepared to answer this question and their answers tend to be unfocused and uninspiring. During this seminar, participants will learn:

  • How to impress upon their clients the importance of having a well thought out “commercial” that quickly communicates their value-add and allows networking contacts and hiring managers to become advocates for their candidacy.
  • A four step process for crafting targeted, succinct, accomplishment-driven pitches that accelerate your client’s candidacy and get them noticed.
  • Ways to pitch, price, and package this add on service to create more robust job search packages for clients.

Breaking Through the Barriers: Re-energize Your Client’s Interview Performance Using Key Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Tools with Annemarie Cross

Want to discover cutting-edge processes that will support your clients in delivering powerful interview performances easily and effortlessly? Techniques to allow your clients to communicate and connect with anyone instantly and effectively? Methods that will support them in overcoming fear, anxiety and doubt to allow them to be fully present and fully expressed so that they become memorable in the interviewers mind? In this session you will learn how to:

  • Teach your clients how to consistently maintain an optimized state of mind that will allow them to control their destiny.
  • Enhance their ability to read complex non-verbal cues (of the interviewer) and how to adjust their mannerisms to suit.
  • Discover powerful rapport-building and communication skills to support your clients in strengthening their communication even with the most confronting interviewer.
  • Learn about three main representational styles to enhance our clients’ receptiveness and responsiveness.
  • Overcome fear and doubt with visualization and anchoring techniques.

How to Create a Custom Resume Questionnaire for Clients: An Easy to Use Approach with Robin Schlinger

Are you frustrated when you have to ask a client about what they do? Are you concerned you do not know their acronyms, job descriptions or how to speak their language? Are you having a problem capturing your clients’ skills and accomplishments? Are you tired of using “canned” questionnaires which may have too many questions on them – or may not have the “right” questions focused on getting you the answers you need? Robin has developed an easy-to-do technique to develop resume questionnaires for clients. She uses sources freely available on the Internet – including Job Announcements and O*NET, along with her understanding of technical folks (she has a degree from MIT and was a techie for many years before becoming a Resume Writer), in order to develop insightful, customized questions beyond just the typical Title, Company, City, State, Dates of Employment, Duties and Accomplishments found on most of our questionnaires. In this teleclass you will:

  • Discover how to find and use and using job announcements to create questionnaires.
  • Explore how to use O*NET to create questionnaires.
  • Learn the essential questions to ask technical folks (including IT personnel, engineers and scientists).

Handouts with examples of each of these powerful techniques will be provided. By the time you are finished with this teleclass you should be able to develop custom questionnaires for your clients for most job fields.

Empowering and Leading Clients with Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Empowering and Leading Clients results in motivated, engaged, and effective clients who will take your lead and follow your direction. In this session, we will discuss proven methods to overcome 12 behavioral red flags that signify client control. Expect to learn strategies that will have even your most powerful executive clients responding to you like lambs instead of lions. Recording of live Summit session.

Marketing Makeover Power Workshop with Kendall SummerHawk

Do new clients and opportunities slip away because you hate to sell? Does your website attract the wrong type of clients, or no clients at all? If you’re ready to make 2005 your best year yet, then join Coach Kendall SummerHawk as she expertly guides you in a marketing makeover! Learn how to:

  • Successfully control a selling conversation – even if you hate to sell!
  • Close more clients using Kendall’s easy ‘magic close’
  • Create a client capturing website with 3 little known secrets
  • Write a simple 3-step marketing plan that gets results

Kendall SummerHawk will profoundly impact your approach to creating profitable client relationships during her dynamic workshop. Kendall specializes in working with business owners and professionals who love what they do, but wish marketing would just ‘go away!’ NOTE: This was a 4-hour, hands-on Summit workshop so audio was paused during activities. Final recordings is 2 hours 46 minutes.

Out of the Box Career Marketing Strategies with Don Straits

An entertaining and high energy presentation of rapid fire tips and non-traditional, break-all-the-rules strategies to set your clients apart. Don’ts unique client career service hand-outs will have you creating new viable income streams in minutes. Recording of live Summit session.

What Next? Building Strategic Partnerships & Alliances with Audrey Field and John O’Connor

So, you’re a great resume writer – what’s next? Are you eager to expand your revenue but don’t know where to find the time to offer additional services? Find out how to conduct an operational assessment, identify gaps, and find the best method to forge profitable results without working any harder. John and Audrey will share their expertise and personal stories in creating informal partnerships and formal collaborative relationships. Recording of live Summit session.

Building Wealth – Profitability 101 with the Masters (Expert Panel) with Grant Cooper, Fred Coon, Louise Kursmark, Jan Worthington, Audrey Field, and John O’Connor

Gain an insiders view on the strategies, business models, services / packages, and marketing angles leveraged by a panel of career professional “high rollers.” This fast-paced and informative panel includes Q&A on topics related to:

  • Building name recognition – locally and on the Internet
  • Identifying and capitalizing on niche positioning
  • Becoming a clients’ sole-source provider
  • Getting the fees you deserve
  • Converting callers to clients
  • Working with your State’s Dept. of Labor to gain credibility marketing resume critiques
  • Using Resume Critique Writer software to successfully market your business at job fairs
  • Utilizing graduate students as great part-time employees
  • Using Small Business Development Centers) & Universities to conduct marketing surveys
  • Tapping high-tech, engineering and homeland security firms for new business
  • Knowing what to do and when…to keep the lights on.

Recording of live Summit session.

Grow Your Business by Utilizing a Full Life Cycle Professional Services Model with Doug Hoxeng and Linda Judge

Stewart, Cooper and Coon (SC&C) is a national leader in providing professional services for executives who are either in career transition or desire to move on or up from their present position. SC&C provides a full life cycle of services involving executive coaching on career direction and strategy, resume and innovative “executive portfolio” writing, direct placement advocacy to “best fit” target organizations and guidance for the interview and negotiation processes. Whether your goal is to target companies with alternatives to full-scale outplacement programs, to expand the breadth of services and value you can add to individual clients, or a little of both, you will want to join Doug Hoxeng, Executive Vice President, who will share SC&C’s unique model and discuss how it can be applied to expand your career practice. Joining Doug in this highly interactive session will be Linda Judge, also from SC&C. She will present the business viability for this model including its receptivity from both individual executives and organizations seeking to meet their business needs and reduce HR costs in either recruiting (e.g., “Cost of Hire”) or outplacement. Recording of live Summit session.

Training Tips and Techniques with Cory Edwards

This session will provide the information you need to successfully present workshops and training sessions. Expand your business into workshops, gain greater confidence when presenting, and learn tips and tricks to make facilitating workshops easier and fun. Outplacement workshops, community sessions or public workshops; this session is a must for resume writers and career coaches who desire better presentation and training techniques. Topics include: … Confidence builders … Ice breakers and openers … Interactive activities … Audiovisual techniques … Platform and presentation skills. Recording of live Summit session.

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